Saturday, September 10, 2016

D.W. Lee wrote something...

The controversial bigfoot blogger D.W. Lee wrote a blog article using the metaphor of predators in the woods being the online Bigfoot community. This may be the result of an increasing number of people out there that seem to have absolutely no interest in truth, facts or reality.
I've been around the Online Bigfoot Community since the early days of the Internet, and I have seen plenty of people come and go. I am an avid supporter of what Steve Hyde once wrote about "Six things a new Bigfoot researcher should think about", and one of those things is that you will meet all sorts of people in the community. Steve is right 1000%, you meet all types, from sheeple, to woo, to flesh and blood, and especially the predators.

Over the years, I have encountered a great many predators in the Bigfoot Community, and sad to say, most are still a part of this community, still preying on the sheeple as if it was nothing more than a game to them. But with the advent of Facebook, these predators have increased in number. 
Some range as trolls in the numerous online Bigfoot forums/Facebook groups, silently watching for those that they can prey on. It may take them months or even years, but they begin building a profile on their prey, knowing everything they can. 
Others are self-aggrandizing (The act or practice of enhancing or exaggerating one's own importance, power, or reputation.elf-aggrandizing), who try to establish a personality cult and use this to get their prey to fall in line with what they say.

Some of those who self-aggrandize may point out, that because of this blog, I may be guilty of that. Maybe folks, but I am just putting this information out there, what you do with it, is your own business, I just hope that it saves someone from being preyed upon.
I will also admit, that I have found myself preyed upon by these same predators that I'm talking about, and if someone assumes that my post is about them, if they are affected by them, then they are obviously guilty of being a predator.
Click here to read more. D.W. Lee. talks more about agendas, group think and "sheeple".

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