Friday, July 22, 2016

This man tries to understand Bigfoot! "Voices in the WIlderness" (An Excerpt) by Ron Morehead

Ron Morehead is a 40 year research experienced author with interactions with what appears to possibly be a family of the mysterious sasquatch, or "Biggie" as the author has grown accustomed to calling them. It starts off in the early 1970's with a trek up into the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California, where amazing audio recordings were made and it has turned into a much deeper, life changing journey for Ron.

You purchase Ron Morehead's must have bigfoot book, "Voices in the Wilderness", here.

Unlike the tiger, I think Bigfoot knows they leave signs (tracks), which mean they are self-aware, maybe even more than many care to imagine. That being said, I don't think all my Biggie experiences can be answered by "normal" animal attributes or self-awareness alone — not the kind most of as understand anyway. Perhaps we need to raise the bar on our expectations regarding these creatures. Maybe even ask scientists to take a very special leap, a distinct seismic shift from tradition, and consider that other "arrow" in their quiver, the arrow usually kept away from the bow. But, again, will they? Can they?

Should our conventional scientists cross traditional boundaries to an interdisciplinary field? Wow! What a question. Accepted worldwide in the 1920's, quantum physics is a science, but its boundaries are not defined and very difficult to understand. It violates some of the accepted properties of classical science and challenges our culture's perception of reality. With all the reports claiming very unusual circumstances surrounding Bigfoot, mine being one, why not consider quantum physics? 

You purchase Ron Morehead's must have bigfoot book, "Voices in the Wilderness"here.

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