Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"The jaw was almost totally unhinged from its face, the cheek bones gaunt and disgusting..."

I’m making this post to warn you. Or to educate you, I haven’t decided yet. But you need to understand something. I don’t know what I saw....but I do know that I never want to see it again, ever. And I’m warning you, don’t go out looking for it.... and that ladies and gentlemen begins a frightening story to end your night...

From Connie Rivera on Facebook:


I moved to Washington State in 2008 after 3 years of not seeing my family back in Texas I decided it was time to move back home, in order to get home I have to make most of my drive through New Mexico, specifically through Santa Fe and about 160 miles through the charmingly bare New Mexico desert which if you aren't familiar with it, don't try to get acquainted with it. Or if you're planning to head out there, I hope this story will change your mind.

On this particular drive I had three other people with me, my older sister Ana and two friends from base Jess and Kaite. They had flown out to help with the move and instead of buying stupidly priced plane tickets we decided to pile into my little mercury mariner and book it back to Texas. We passed Oregon, California Arizona and finally New Mexico where we stopped to get a motel.

Unfortunately, we left the valley a little later than intended due to someone (it was me) forgetting their wallet back at the hotel, so by the time we hit the stretch of desert it was close to 1am. It had been raining since before we headed through Santa Fe, not super heavy but heavy enough. It was 65 degrees, I remember that quite clearly because I had been thankful for the cool air due to my AC not working.

For this next part of the story, I need you to understand something. I hadn't been driving that long. I was awake, I did not hallucinate this and I damn sure wasn't the only one who saw it.

Please believe me.

We passed a white Prius. As he was driving away I looked in my rearview mirror and saw something crossing the road, caught in the red glow of the taillights. It was walking with a horrible limp and dragging its self across the road on two legs. The motions were unnatural, jerky even. I slammed on my breaks, thinking someone had driven off the road and was stuck or injured. I slid to a stop about 20 feet away from it. The Prius had stopped as well, seeing the person in the road. I opened my door and stuck my head out in the rain to get a better view.

It...It wasn't human. It stopped, its figure illuminated by the taillights of both of our cars. It had to of been at least 7 feet tall, possibly 8. The skin was stretched like a too small shirt, cracking, hanging off its frame in long, bloody ribbons. The jaw was almost totally unhinged from its face, the cheek bones gaunt and disgusting; the skin on the scalp was thin and spots of bloody white stuck out. And the smell. I’d never smelled anything like it. As soon as I opened the door it hit me. Rotting flesh. Meat that has been left out for months. The kind of stuff nightmares are made of.

The Prius took off, squealing its tires into the night. But I stayed. Fight or flight hadn’t kicked in yet for me. This thing couldn't have been more than twenty feet away. It slowly turned its head, each vertebra in the neck individually cracking like bubble wrap. We made eye contact. But it had no eyes, only darkness.

I slammed my car door shut and sped off. At this point my friends had all awoken and seen it. Kaite was in the back and hysterical. Jess was silent, her mouth set into a grim, white line. My sister Ana just sat with a look of horror, tears silently streaming down her face. My friend kept screaming, “What the hell was that?! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT.” I didn’t know what to tell her. I just kept driving, my hands gripping the wheel as we broke 80.

Then something happened that I still to this day cannot explain. The temperature had dropped during the whole event. IT WAS 30 DEGREES OUT. IT HAD BEEN 65 DEGREES NO MORE THAN 5 MINUTES AGO. It then began to snow. Hard, heavy, wet snow. We ended up pulling over at a gas station called Cline’s Corner. No one moved. Ana was crying, Jess was hysterical, Kait was cursing and I was shaking. Violently. “What the hell just happened?” Kaite asked, all color drained from her face. I looked at her, my face tight with fear. “I don’t know. I don’t want to know. But we need to leave”. I slowly put the car into drive and continued our trip. The rest of the drive was unmemorable. Everything was fine. We reached Texas by 6am. Nothing else happened. I dunno what it could’ve been. The closest I could come to was a Skinwalker. Maybe it was a shapeshifter that had a bad changed. I don’t know.

Believe me when I tell you this. I’m not crazy, I know what I saw. Don’t go looking for it. Don’t follow it. Because it might follow you back.

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