Sunday, July 24, 2016

Homo Vampyrus

The Vampyr is an offshoot of Australopithecus, much like our shared distant cousin the Lycanthrope. Both species are symbiotic hominids, carrying transferable Immuno efficiency pathogens – viruses abundant in the blood and saliva that can be transferred to human and non human hosts, where these unique genetic traits are inserted into the DNA of the infected, taking on the characteristics of each species. Homo Vampyrus is a nocturnal hominid with a huge dependency on iron and protein...

From Merrylin Cryptid Museum:

Francis Gerber, Swiss born Physician, Botanist, Chemist and Naturalist, whose prolific writings focused on the study of the origins of humanity. His own research began around 1776, where he commissioned African poachers to bring him specimens of the great apes, which he dissected in an attempt to construct a detailed inventory of “terrestrial and arboreal apes and their aesthetic and anatomical similarities to the Homo Sapien.”

His research garnered a great deal of criticism, yet most of his work was completed in private. One of his many employees would present him with a shipment of species from sub Saharan Africa, the Amazon and parts of India. Yet it was a bone fragment that piqued Gerbers interest in the lesser known hominids. On December 14th, 1780, Gerber unpacked a collection of specimens from the Far East. Amongst these samples was a partial skull fragment of the upper mandible and part of the brow. The teeth were intact, and clearly very unique. The upper cuspids were distended and serrated and although in a state of decay, connected to the bone tissue by a complex musculature, which allowed the teeth to protrude and retract from two fissures in the jaw.

His hasty communications to the collector he had bought the pieces from, pointed to a village on the eastern shore of Lake Baikal, in Mongolia. He traveled to this destination, a destitute collection of huts nestled in the icy inlet of the great body of water. It was here he was introduced to a man, whose daughter had been murdered by what the villagerscalled a “Blood thief”. Gerber was escorted to a shallow grave where the killer lay, who had been caught and lynched, leaving his mangled corpse to the elements. The head had been removed, yet the body was preserved by snow. He was told that the creature had fed upon the child, removing most of the organs and consuming them, but also drained the body of blood. He asked for a place to examine the body, which was provided.

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