Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bigfoot on The Walking Dead

Season 6 of The Walking Dead featured herds of walkers, but there were some that stood out from the herd. Let’s look at some of these. Meet Bigfoot.

From Undeadwalking; Bigfoot was part of the herd in Alexandria that was wandering around the town like they owned the place after the walls fell. The herd was huge, but Bigfoot sort of stood out from the pack.

He actually looked a little like he might be related to old Dangle Chin. Brothers or cousins? Dangle still had his shirt, but Bigfoot still had his chin. Somebody gave him a nice little hole in his tummy though,

They have similar hair and foreheads. Both are fabulous walker looks. Season 6 really had some special walkers and the look in general started to become nice and skeletal with very cave man features in some of the faces.

I like how they think through the ideas for where the walkers may have been and what they might have experienced along the way to determine how degraded they are and how much clothing they might be wearing or if they have wounds and if the wounds are from nature or from humans.

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