Sunday, October 29, 2017

Bob Gimlin wants to end the Bigfoot drama over his 50th Anniversary!

Bigfoot icon Bob Gimlin and his manager Russell Acord just made a followup video to the events that happened at the 50th Anniversary for the Patterson Gimlin Film.

Watch the video.

"Those things, in my opinion, should have been brought forward to me without going around me and trying to make difficult things. It would have been better if they came face to face with me and said Bob, this is what we think and I would have told them this is the facts right away. Russ is not telling me what to do."

"Russ and I speak about what we need to get done. And we try to get it done for out benefit for both of us. It isn't something Bob has to do because Russ is my manager. It's time that I needed somebody to help me because I'm getting a little long in the tooth and I've never had anybody to really take the reigns in their hands and do the things Russel's doin' for me."

"So you know, folks, we want to bury things thing that happened down there and get rid of it. So what we're going to do now is go forward and let it go. And just do the best we can from now on folks. I appreciate all the support that I've had out there and hope I can to continue to get it throughout the years I am able to do things with everybody. And I will see you guys at the conferences." - Bob Gimlin

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