Monday, July 31, 2017

A write up on "The Back 80"

Lake County filmmaking duo produce documentary on modern Bigfoot encounters

By Chad Felton from The News-Herald

It’s been a very long time “since the days of Underoos and elementary schools,” for nascent filmmakers Alan Megargle and Jesse Morgan.

The two Lake County residents — Megargle resides in Painesville, Morgan in Mentor — used to live just a few houses away from one another in Painesville. Geographic location isn’t the sole similarity between the two friends, though, as both participated in the Harvey High School Band, later graduating from Cleveland State University. Both still share abiding passions for rock music, theater and photography.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone, then, that the two have long since segued their collective artistic sensibilities to film production and its myriad, ancillary aspects.

“The combining of all those passions finally led us to film,” Morgan said. “It’s something we were always interested in pursuing, the medium.”

Loudonville, Ohio, is more than just a hike from Lake County, but the duo’s pursuit of film would eventually take them to the village, about 80 miles from Cleveland, and land them in an area known as “The Back 80,” which, not coincidentally, is the title of their documentary.

Loudonville is where Megargle and Morgan connected with multiple witnesses who claim to have encountered Bigfoot. The duo began recording the chronicles of the witnesses, even interviewing Bigfoot investigator/researcher Mark Maisel.

“The title refers to an 80-acre area landlocked by other property that is rarely visited except for hunters a couple times a year and for road maintenance crews,” Morgan said. “This is the location where Suzanne (Ferencak) believes that the Bigfoot, if around, would be staying.”

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