Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Quantum Bigfoot by Ron Morehead (An Excerpt)

Ron Morehead is a Bigfoot researcher and celebrity among conferences and social gatherings. He has provided the Bigfoot world a multitude of recordings of what he believes to be from Sasquatch recorded in the 1970's in the Stanislaus National Forest with the late Al Berry and has now written his second book, "The Quantum Bigfoot".

The following excerpt is from "The Quantum Bigfoot" by Ron Morehead and can be purchased here.

After researching the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon for over 45 years, I realized that many people are still in never-never land about these beings. Although many have their paradigm fixed, no one, in fact, knows for sure who or what these beings really are, how they originated, or how they do some of the things they do. Most of us believe almost all of what we can see with our eyes, but often doubt what cannot be seen. I believe that any mystery, through the method of science and/or technology, can be solved.

My first book, Voices in the Wilderness was my 40-year chronicle of how this fascinating subject started for me. Now my research points me into a direction 1 would have never believed in the 70s. The Quantum Bigfoot is my effort to connect all of the dots; painting a picture that will help fellow researchers and at the same time bring awareness to the public of what these beings are reportedly capable of and why. After all, if they can find us, why haven't we found them?

For me, Bigfoot is more than just a stealthy animal, like a black puma, or a Japanese Grizzly bear (declared extinct in 1964). Many such animals are very elusive and are able to stay hidden from humans. But Bigfoot is different in a way that seems to baffle scientists and researchers alike. They just don't play by the same rules.

From eyeshine-cones to tree knocks and glyphs, to how some of them might even be able to change their vibrational frequency to be out of our perception. I'll offer the science behind how I believe many of those unusual topics can be understood. It may not be the science you learned in high school, but it is an established science called

quantum physics. The mathematics of quantum physics is accepted worldwide by over one million physicists. However, even with its growing popularity, many classical scientists, in a disciplined three-dimensional model, would not even discuss it with me. They want to believe that a hominid-like creature exists, but have a problem researching outside their classical disciplines.

In this book, I will quote Nobel Prize winners, physicists, and intellectual scholars. Much of the information used to support my theory was obtained from scientific articles and journals. Quantum Physics, in my opinion, is very much like spirituality and I think they must combine to get a closer look at this Bigfoot phenomenon.

Self-taught in biblical history, Greek mythology, and with an unrelenting desire to understand quantum physics, I strived to put this book together in a format that I hope will be useful to researchers and all who wish to pursue this subject. After all, most of us believe in a Supreme intelligence (God), which we can't see. We know the Cosmos is definitely out there. For many 'creation' took place in six days. But science teaches evolution is how everything actually started. Can it all mix together and make sense? For me, it can.

To read more about "The Quantum Bigfoot" by Ron Morehead you can purchase it here.

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