Monday, June 19, 2017

Squatchin' with Barb and Gabby coming on After Hours!

This week on After Hours with Rictor (The #1 Bigfoot Webcast), Barb Shupe is the guest. Some call her the "Queen of the Woo." She has videos that claim Bigfoot can cloak...

Barb Shupe lives in the Cascade mountains north of Mt. Rainier in Washington state and for more than 20 years, she claims to have experienced ongoing Sasquatch activity around her cabin, but, says she didn't recognize it for what it was until 2012 when she witnessed an adult Sasquatch following a herd of elk, while out hiking with her dog.

Suddenly all of those strange experiences, over the years, made sense to her. Not long after, she started her YouTube channel, Squatchin' with Barb & Gabby, where she documents and shares her experiences as well as the experiences of her friends and neighbors.

Barb Shupe isn't out to prove the existence of Bigfoot, she says she will "leave that to the scientific types. Besides, we already know they are real. Our goal is to create interaction and learn about them through experiences and share that information with open minded folk who share our interest."

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