Thursday, June 22, 2017

Kids looking for Bigfoot!

Two Bigfoot hunters, who appear to be local teenagers in Texas, went looking for the hairy creature along Brushy Creek Regional Trail, where some of the footprints were found. They posted a video of their adventure to the YouTube channel Sewer Gators.

Last week, The Statesman you about some pretty massive footprints spotted in parks around Round Rock that may or may not have belonged to Bigfoot. Or Round Rock legend the “Hairy Man.” Or, you know, just somebody with really large feet.

Later, Round Rock parks and recreation officials even released a video of the creature.

After the sun sets, the explorers decide to set up camp in the woods along Brushy Creek Trail and listen for noises.

“We’re also going to try to slam some sticks into trees and try to get a response, as well as, like, howling,” one of the Bigfoot hunters says in the video.

And the waiting paid off: about 10 minutes into the video, one of them says they heard a “demonic growl” — was it Bigfoot, or the infamous Cedar Park chupacabra?

The Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department has asked anyone who goes hunting for the creature — or who spots anything — to use the hashtag #RRSightings on social media.

Source: The Statesman

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