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Dr. Johnson's Bigfoot book fallout continues...

The following post was written by a Bigfoot fan and researcher, Alyssa Runswithwolves Alexandria on May 27th on Facebook. In it she clarifies how she does not want people to think she endorsed something blindly; something she doesn't agree with. She did not write “Please enjoy reading his book.” And does not support Dr. Johnson's great reveal that Bigfoot are beings of energy and can turn into trees and shape shift.

This post is about Matthew Johnson, his recent conference, and his new book—and me. It is a long post, but it is important. It is also a post in response to a recent video Russell Acord did with Bob Gimlin. Please do not feel you need to support me in this. To do so, may cause you, your own personal suffering. I will still honor your opinions if different from mine. But this is my story and something I need to do, to maintain my own dignity and self-respect. It has weighed heavily on me. I will be accused of many things now, with the writing of this. It’s small price to pay to regain my own integrity.

My first introduction to the community of Bigfooters was at a conference in 2016, hosted by M. Johnson. I lectured about a prehistoric sacred site called Severed Hand that I’d researched for seven years. I scout, document, photograph, and map the archaeology for private individuals as well as measure the natural energies; telluric currents and anomalous magnetic crossing points. I study energy. I study ancient North American cultures. And it’s felt that these special places, such as Severed Hand, have been deliberately built where they are for a reason. People would be (and still are) catapulted into an involuntary altered state where they perceive the supernatural. I certainly have experienced this. It is the special geology, underground water, and mineralogy in these places, working in tandem with the natural earth energies. They effect the brain. However, I am not saying the experiences are not real. I’m saying they have yet to be understood. Especially when physical traces are found of these experiences. Of which, I have also experienced.

To be transparent, I do practice shamanic methodology, so for me, the supernatural is just fine. It’s just another day at the office. And M. Johnson’s conference was all about the supernatural aspects of what the Bigfoot community calls “Forest People.” Forest People are a part of the paranormal lexicon; they remain unexplained but are not defined as Bigfoot within the broad community of researchers and experiencers. Bigfoot, also unexplained, is said to be a flesh and blood relic hominid or undiscovered primate who also “perhaps” exists in our remote forests and wilderness. And then there are some who feel it is the same Being, as in “walks in two worlds.” Something my own culture feels is viable. But I leave it up to you to discern your own judgement, there are no rules or accepted facts to date that I know of. Because no one has scientifically proven Bigfoot exists—or not.

I loved lecturing last year at M. Johnson’s conference, it was a joy. I met many wonderful people. I also met Bob Gimlin, who unlike me, is a flesh and blood Bigfooter by his own admission; he was a part of the infamous “Patty Film Footage.” And yet even with our differences, he was always respectful and warm. Recently, Bob and I had another common experience. We both donated material to a book written by M. Johnson. And we both had our words taken from us. In my case, the words were simply added. Words I did not write. I had donated a “quote” which became an “endorsement.” And that is the sole purpose of this post.

My quote was carefully contrived to not endorse a book I hadn’t read, or endorse a story I was unsure of (I was not there), or endorse a creature I was unsure was a Bigfoot or a Forest Person, or endorse something that was quite possibly another “life form” altogether. I am a sovereign person; I make up my own mind from my own personal experiences. I do not follow anything or anyone, blindly; I strive to experience first-hand then discern my own opinions. I wanted to be clear in what I said. Because how I see or experience the supernatural lexicon is quite different from most people. I am not a Bigfoot or a Forest Person researcher.

Morally, to endorse this book I had not read, would be to violate a principle which is dear to me; authenticity. To endorse this book, without having read it, I’d be lying to you, if I had not worded my quote as I did. And it matters to me; it matters a lot that my words are preserved intact in the spirit they are written. I gave M. Johnson a useful quote without saying something untrue. He changed my quote by adding “Enjoy reading his book.” When I had not read it. Worse, it now was an endorsement of his personal theories; the very thing I was trying to avoid without hurting his feelings.

I was first approached in a Facebook PM by Matthew to endorse his book: Bigfoot; a fifty year journey come full circle. I expected to read it first, but he said he hadn’t written yet. I felt rude needing to ask but—and-- I had never been to SOHA, his first location of experiences where the infamous portal event had taken place. I had never been to SOIA, the second location, where many people say they had incredible experiences. But I had been to an in-between site which he said the Forest People had led him to. I was there for an hour; I lived very close to it. I saw a single blue orb. And felt some invisible caring hands on my back. I heard energy whip-zinging through the air much like power lines. I was also aware I was in an altered state just like I would be thrown into, involuntarily, within a Spot of the Fawn; I know the feeling well. I went home thinking—his in-between location was a “wild” Spot of a Fawn; a naturally occurring power spot unaltered by the hand of man. I was stunned.

So, I wrote a passage for him out of generosity of spirit; I wanted his book to have a good word from me, but I was careful not to lie. I didn’t want to upset him, either, by explaining I would quote but not endorse, because I was soon to lecture at his conference. Something I had worked very hard to prepare for. And most importantly, did not feel as he did about his experiences.

The statement below is copied from the FB PM column where it was directly sent to him; I chose not to screen shot it. For me, that would be a vulgar violation of privacy.

“Dr. Johnson’s site is located within a magnetic anomaly and composed of unique geology, minerology and underground water. These things are conductive and respond to the magnetosphere each new day as telluric and magnetic energies run across the landscape to create energetic crossing points—whirling vortices which may someday show to be the ingredients of subtle energy portal manifestation. It’s no secret 100 percent of all sacred sites are built upon these natural hot spots. It’s here our indigenous ancestors reported communication with compassionate ‘other-worldly’ Beings. Since I feel our ancestors genuinely knew what they were talking about—it’s no stretch to believe Dr. Johnson’s testimony of ‘Forest People’ who seem to toggle in and out of ordinary reality. The multiverse is stranger than fiction—we’d be fools to think we knew even a whisper of the secrets it still occults from us.” --Alyssa Runswithwolves Alexandria; author-- Influenced; Earth’s power spots and their influence on the paranormal @ 2017

You can find it on page 12, in its new and revised form by Johnson, in his book.

The last sentence which appears to be written by me was not written by me. The sentence I didn’t write reads “Please enjoy reading his book.” He also added “Bigfoot” to my “Forest People.” It now reads “Bigfoot-Forest People.” As I said above, I didn’t want to portray Bigfoot as interdimensional in respect to another faction of the community who feel Bigfoot is purely flesh and blood. He had changed the core meaning of my statement. I didn’t use the term Bigfoot on purpose; it was deliberate.

So I saw the book for the first time at the conference when it was gifted to me with a thank you. I felt good about giving it; my lecture had been a pleasure to do. I saw my quote and then, felt a little pang of concern. Caught up in the moment of the aftermath of my lecture, I pushed the feeling down until I could gather my wits about it. But then, came The Great Reveal presentation by Johnson. I was stunned. This was not the tale I’d heard from him six months previous, in a brief form over the telephone. It was a new and expanded bombshell form; a form of the story I could not even begin to imagine. He claimed he used a machine to keep a portal open of which 20,000 plus interdimensional “Bigfoot-Forest Persons” escaped from a dying planet to inhabit our world. He called them Xanue. They then transformed into orbs and lived in our trees. Orbs were now "Xanues." He claimed he was “chosen” to do this. He claimed he was also chosen "to teach the Beings." Someone named “Zorth” had told Johnson that within nature lives a creature, to us known as Bigfoot, which he has renamed “Treykons,” who at times cannibalize humans. I did not endorse this type of thing at all. This was an epic rewriting of history, complete with new terms and definitions. I did not endorse this; it was confusing and felt extremely bizarre, even to someone like me. Worse, he’d completely rewritten the entire mythology and history of not only Bigfoot, but the Spirits of Place that many native people revere. He single handedly had eliminated my own indigenous ancestor’s mythology in five hours.

He was free to feel and say what he liked, that I understood. But now, I was tied to this information and I did not support it. I have never once said “I believe in this theory.” I have never said I believe Johnson, for that matter, either, to anyone. I did not want others, friends or family, to think I did.

I looked at him in the center of the stage area. He had twenty plus people on his flank supporting him. I wasn’t about to say a word. It was his conference.

In defense of Johnson’s testimony, I want you to understand I share some very strange personal experiences myself. The difference is—I don’t tie or cord anyone else to me without their permission in order to get others to accept my concepts. I don’t encourage or discourage a belief system, based on my ideas, either. In other words, if you voice your opposition to my concepts, or me personally, you are free to do so without penalty. With Johnson, there is a dark possibility that looms in the background, of which many people choose to avoid. I have seen what happens to those that challenge him, so I write this with serious trepidation. I will be called a liar and a horrible person. I will be harassed as to why I didn't confront him privately. People will say “one little sentence” is not important. Or they will show my previous posts thanking Johnson for a wonderful time which somehow excuses the fact my quote was changed and added to appear as if I agreed with the material. Oranges will be mixed with apples. It's called gaslighting. To swim in Johnson's realm can be frightening if you don't agree with him or the many that support him. The proof of this is all over the internet. This is also something I can't endorse. It is chilling to think it has come to this within a community of people speaking of concepts yet unproven. Or something that is meant for some as a happy “pass-time;” something they do with friends and family.

Didn’t Johnson realize how this would affect Bob Gimlin’s reputation? Or Adam Davies' for that matter? Or how it would affect someone like me with a native background? Didn’t he care? I walk a fine line trying to maintain an elegance within the crazy things I write about and experience; I try to maintain my dignity within an area of research that the public often finds ridiculous. And what would my family think of it? Johnson’s presentation of his “Great Reveal” left me exhausted and saddened. Then, many people began to ask me why I “endorsed” his story. I’d say, I didn’t, many, many times. So, I answer them, here.

Weeks have passed; Michael Merchant has stepped up and spoken out. And Adam Davies. And now, Bob Gimlin and myself. We will all suffer the consequences, eventually. Most of all, I will be sorry to lose the wonderful friends I’ve made who will not understand the motivation of this post in the slightest.

Words have power. I hope this post will “dis-empower” the words I didn’t write. Because I wouldn’t wish anyone to think I endorsed something blindly; something I don't agree with. That is not who I am. Someone recently said to me about the wisdom or lack of it, in publishing this post: “Have courage and strength. That is what makes us who we are.”

I did not write “Please enjoy reading his book.” For a reason. I do not now, nor did I ever, support the "The Great Reveal" Johnson theory. Like Bob Gimlin, Adam Davies and Michael Merchant. I want you all to know this. I apologize if it offends you.

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  1. It's rather sad that in a so called free country that you have to be afraid to speak your mind. Whatever the entities are that Dr. J is dealing with, it says something about them if in fact they did choose him. It's pretty obvious that the guy has a big ego as we keep hearing the same tired story of how HE was chosen to save "them". You see the Xanue didn't tell the indigenous people who they were and to watch out for the Treykon, no they had to wait for the "Chosen One" to be born. A six foot eight inch tall world famous doctor of psychology no less; did I mention that he played in the NBA! Somehow that's supposed to be relevant. Give me a break!