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Bigfoot Encounters in Ohio: Quest for the Grassman by Christopher L. Murphy

Did you know that Ohio ranks fifth in the number of reported bigfoot incidents in the United States?

The following excerpt is from "Bigfoot Encounters in Ohio: Quest for the Grassman" by Christopher L. Murphy.

Since ancient times, mankind has been confronted with various phenomena and natural mysteries. Many areas of North America have recurring incidents that have baffled us since recorded history.

The bigfootlsasquatch mystery has existed for centuries. Many cultures around the globe have legends of hairy hominids. The more persistent reports originate from the Pacific Northwest regions of the United States and Canada. The media has played an important role in distributing reports. Newspapers such as the San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Globe and many other major newspapers have published articles that described man-like creatures from alleged eyewitness testimony. There have also been numerous television documentaries in which bigfoot researchers and scientists have been interviewed on the subject. 

The "bigfoot" we know today achieved prominence in 1958. In that year, a road construction worker reported to the press large human-like footprints he had found in the Bluff Creek, California area. The story was carried nationwide and "bigfoot," as it were, stepped into the limelight. Nine years later, what is believed to be a bigfoot was captured on film, also in the Bluff Creek, California area, by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin. 

Unfortunately, the nature of this creature has led to a lot of tabloid miss-information, wild speculation, hoaxing and general ridicule. As a result, many people who have sightings are reluctant to come forward with information. More importantly, major research organizations and most scientists have adopted a "hands off' policy to avoid risking their credibility. 

The sheer number of reported bigfoot incidents (sightings, footprint findings) in North America, coupled with the tremendous range of such evidence, is far too great to dismiss as the work of hoaxers. 

With human population increases and improved communications, the number of reported possible sasquatch incidents has significantly increased, and they are said to be around 400 incidents per year. It is reasoned that the number of incidents reported may be just a fraction of the actual number because many people are reluctant to report their experiences. The above map showing reports on record provides an insight into the extent of the phenomenon. Certainly, our relentless "invasion" into wilderness regions plays a major role in the figures shown. 

While the sasquatch is not yet recognized by the scientific community, it has caught the attention of many prominent anthropologists and other professionals. Some of these people have spent a great deal of time, energy and resources in attempting to prove the creature's existence. 

This book documents and discusses bigfoot related reports that originated within the state of Ohio, which ranks fifth in the number of reported bigfoot incidents in the United States, and sixth for North America. I have then reported the incidents by individual county. Certainly, bigfoot does not pay any attention to political boundaries, so such are really unrelated in a study of this nature. Nevertheless, they do provide a convenient method for presenting information and bring the subject "close to home," as it were. 

Also included in this work is some general information about the bigfoot phenomenon on the Pacific coast (both in the United States and Canada). The purpose for including this information is to provide readers with a reasonably complete understanding of the subject. 

Finally, for general interest, I have included a chapter on special people in history who were said to have ape-like characteristics, and hominids from other parts of the world. 

It is hoped that this work will stimulate more interest in bigfoot research in Ohio.

You can read more by purchasing  "Bigfoot Encounters in Ohio: Quest for the Grassman" by Christopher L. Murphy here.

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