Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Who is Peter Byrne?

When he was a child in Ireland, Peter Byrne's father used to tell him bedtime stories about the yeti. As a young man, Byrne spent years in the Himalayas, and later—once he was convinced by bigfoot tracks and Native American lore—he traveled across five continents in search of bigfoot.

He led three major trips in the Pacific Northwest. He later helped launch the Bigfoot Information Center in The Dalles, Oregon, during the 1970s, and the Bigfoot Research Project in Parkdale in the 1990s. The second project, which lasted five years, seemed to have a better chance for success because of its prime location near the Cascade Mountains. They used better technology, including remote sensors. They had a hotline for sightings and a helicopter. 

They didn't find a bigfoot, but they did find several sets of huge footprints, along with eye-witness reports. They also found a giant, nine-foot-by-four-foot bed of moss, "which one of the creatures almost certainly constructed and in which it slept," he reported. All these years later, he's still continuing what he calls The Great Search. His goal at this point is to extract DNA because "scientists will accept absolutely nothing less as evidence."

He is the next researcher to be interviewed on After Hours with Rictor, The #1 Bigfoot Webcast.

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