Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Jacobs Photographs

Technology has improved since the days when people measured bigfoot tracks with pieces of cardboard. Cameras are more sophisticated than ever. It's possible to set them up in the woods so that they take pictures when something passes by. These are called "trail cameras," and on rare occasions, they capture fascinating evidence. The Jacobs Photographs might be the most famous of suspected bigfoot pictures captured by trail camera.

They were taken in 2007 by a hunter named Rick Jacobs, who'd set up the camera in the Allegheny National Forest in northwest Pennsylvania.

The pictures, lit by an invisible infrared flash, depict a smallish, hairy creature bent toward the ground, almost as though it's walking on all fours.

Some people have dismissed it as a "mangy bear," but bigfoot researchers disagree. The cam-era also took pictures of bear cubs, and these look quite different. People have analyzed the pictures and compared the arm and leg length of bears with that of primates, and concluded the creature was built more like a primate than a bear.

The images are important for a couple of reasons, Cliff Barackman says. "The first reason is they're close and fairly clear. There are very few if any good photographs of juvenile sasquatches. Another reason the Jacobs Photographs are important is because it actually shows that sasquatches can be captured by trail cameras.... It's encouraging to people like me." Despite the improvement in technology,

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