Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Express asks: Is Bigfoot in Holland?

Bigfoot may have been spotted by a group of tourists in Holland, and the whole thing has been caught on video. However...

A couple of travelers had the fright of their lives when they were roaming through Veluwezoom National Park.

Located in the Dutch province of Gelderland, the national park is the oldest in the country.

Lucas and Jeroen were walking through the trees when they spotted - and heard - something terrifying in the distance.

The shakily-held camera zoomed in to one particular thick-trunked tree.

Suddenly a large dark figure popped out from behind it.

It disappeared behind the flora just as quickly as it appeared, but it was enough to truly terrify the pair of youths.

They could be heard in the video in a panic, exclaiming: “What is it?”

Further deepening the mystery, a shot rang out around them and they both bolted away as fast as they could.

Editor's note, the video was originally posted on YouTube in 2014. So the Express has been pranked.

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