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The Ark of the Covenant

The Ark was a technological device. If we accept the fact that the Ark exists, we must understand it as a technological device delivered by some intelligence beyond that which we human beings understand.

The Ark of the Covenant is first mentioned in the book of Exodus, after Moses descends from Sinai with the Ten Commandments. God commands Moses to instruct the children of Israel to create a chest to house the two tablets on which the Ten Commandments are engraved. But the Ark does not only serve as a receptacle for the Ten Commandments. The Bible tells us that the Ark is also "the throne of God" here on Earth—a physical object through which humans can encounter the presence of God.

From all accounts we believe the Ark of the Covenant was something that was real, an actual physical item with powerful properties that remain mysterious today. We recognize from the biblical stories themselves that the Ark was a weapon. It clearly had a power to it, which was by any stretch of the imagination supernatural.

The book of Exodus recounts that an artisan named Bezalel was in charge of constructing the Ark. It was to be a box within a box within a box with a lid to seal it, roughly three feet by five feet and covered with gold. Crowning the Ark were two cherubim. When God, via Moses, directed Bezalel to create the Ark, he also instructed Bezalel to prepare very specific garments for the high priests who "operated" the Ark, the first of whom was Moses's brother, Aaron.

Aaron was to wear a specific combination of priestly garb. These garments included the famous breastplate of judgment. The breastplate was inlaid with twelve precious stones, which were to symbolize the twelve tribes of Israel. Embedded in the breastplate was an object called the Urim and Thummim, the function of which is a mystery. No one knows exactly what it was. Aaron also wore a long rope tied to one of his legs, which had bells on the bottom. Why? Because if something ever went wrong when a priest approached the Ark, no one else was allowed to directly retrieve the body, lest they suffer the same fate. Instead, the other priests would be able to pull him out using the rope, if and when he suffered such a fate.

The Ark was concealed within the tabernacle, which only the high priest had access to. And later, when Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem, they kept the Ark in the Holy of Holies, which, again, only the high priest could access. The high priest would enter the Holy of Holies and light a special blend of incense that would fill the entire room. Inhaling the incense would open up synapses in his brain, and he would then telepathically communicate a question to God. In this way, the Ark of the Covenant was a technology for communicating with God.

After the priest telepathically asked his question, a pulsating sound would emanate from the cherubim. These pulsating sounds caused the stones on his breastplate to vibrate and hum. The vibrating stones reflected light and sent out a pattern. Together these created a message in sound and light, which the priest interpreted.

With regard to the Ark being a communication device, it is very clear that the Bible says God showed Moses that the Ark was to be built in accordance with what Moses saw. In other words, the Ark is built as an exact duplicate or reflection of a "heavenly" Ark. We often throw around words like "heavenly" and "spiritual" without pursuing what they actually meant in ancient days. Moses was shown something on Mount Sinai, and he was told, This is how you build it-follow this example. And it was meant specifically so that the Ark on Earth would be a communications device that would activate and connect with the Ark in another place, which generically we call heaven.

What did the high priest actually see when he would approach the Ark? It is said that not only did the presence of God manifest in those communications, but that the priest also was physically able to see some type of a biocentric pulsating energy field. That's why we understand that the presence of God in the Ark of the Covenant was a life force, a biocentric conscious energy field, which embraced life itself. Indeed, our sages teach as that the entire planet is alive-that the planet is conscious, it is sentient, it has self-awareness, and it is a living entity, as are all the planets.

It was that energy that came through the Ark, which made it alive. Ancient legends tell us that when this biocentric presence of God actually came upon the Ark, the golden cherubim on top were enlivened and they physically moved. The Ark became like God's chariot or God's throne upon the Earth. The only instance that we are aware of where this is repeated in the Bible is in the famous chariot vision of Ezekiel.

I think the Ark is a tool. I think it's always been a tool. Somehow, somewhere there is a reality underlying life that is greater than what our modern science understands. Now, this is where I believe religion and science really must start getting together. From the biblical record it appears that the energy that emanated from the Ark was something electric. The entire Ark, activated by the presence of God, became some type of a biocentric energy field when Aaron, who was the high priest, and his two sons approached it to make an offering. It is said that a strange fire came forth from the Ark and killed them. Ancient tradition describes two beams of literal fire coming forth from the Ark, traveling up their nostrils and burning them from the inside, leaving their entire outsides intact. That sounds to me like electrocution. So maybe what the Ark projected was something like lightning, and it was some type of an electric field.

I do think we misunderstand the Ark if we believe that it somehow had a mind of its own.

The Ark was beyond religious or moral parameters. Today, when we get too close to something that is dangerous to us, whether something of a chemical nature or energetic nature, we can die. There is no moral or religious judgement. The Ark was the same. The Ark was of such a nature that its perimeter had to be respected. It was dangerous to touch the Ark. tenant dangerous for those not property prepared to get close to the Ark. There was some kind of energy in the Ark, which had the power to kill. The Levites (the temple workers) were specifically instructed to carry the Ark on very long poles, and they would carry it on their shoulders, but even they were not allowed to touch it. They could touch only the poles. And once the poles were in place in the Ark, that was it—they were never to be removed.

It's very clear in the book of Numbers that when the Israelites wandered the desert from Egypt to Canaan, the Ark went forth in front of the camp by three days to prepare their way in the wilderness. The Ark made sure the place where the children of Israel were to go would be safe and would be able to provide for them in the desert. Anybody who's been to the Sinai desert could hardly imagine finding any kind of sustenance there, especially for hundreds of thousands of people. So what the Ark must've accomplished was profound. The sustenance the Israelites relied on was a mysterious substance called manna. The relationship between the Ark and the manna is not explicit in scripture. We know it says that God made manna appear every morning from the dew upon the Earth. How did it get there? Because the Ark was meant to prepare the may for and sustain the Israelites, we can make the connection by implication.

Somehow, the power within the Ark had some type of transformational, technological influence over the natural environment. No power on Earth in that day could've ever provided such a thing as manna. If we want The Ark was a technological device, delivered by some intelligence beyond that which we human beings understand. to interpret that religiously as a miracle, so be it. But those of us with a more uientific understanding have a different word for that power. It is what we call "extraterrestrial?' It is interesting that when Aaron's priesthood was challenged, Moses laid Aaron, staff, which was made of wood, overnight alongside the Ark of the Covenant. In the morning Aaron, staff had blossomed. It had leaves, and it had almonds on it. Now, we might say, That, a miracle, but let, t, to look at this outside of the rnyth of miracle and understand it scientifically. What could cause a piece of wood to blossom? Well, if there is some DNA left inside wood, energy can reanimate it. The Ark was the source of this energy. That which we call the presence of God, which dwelt upon the Ark, was a manifestation of this natural life-force energy. And therefore it activated whatever was in Aaron's staff and caused what we would interpret to be a dead piece of wood to blossom and come to life So again, the Ark not only had the properties of death, but it also had the properties of life.

Legend tells us that when the children of Israel were finally to enter the Holy Land, the priests, not the Levites, were carrying the Ark. According to the legend, they were on the eastern side of the Jordan, and somehow, somewhere, some energy came forth from the Ark, causing the waters to literally stop and ascend. This created dry land for the entire children of Israel to walk on into the Holy Land. And then what? It is said that the priests holding the Ark, instead of passing through the dry land to the other side after the children of Israel, took a step back onto the eastern bank of the Jordan River, allowing the water to then flow. Then somehow the Ark levitated, with the priests holding on, and literally hovered and flew to the other side of the Jordan River. Once in the Holy Land, needless to say, the reputation of the Israelites preceded them. People were terrified. They had heard rumors of the great and awesome Ark. The book of Joshua tells us that when the Israelites reached Jericho, God commanded them to march around the city walls for seven days, with the Ark in the lead. Somehow, between the stamping of their marching feet, the sounding of the rams' horns, and the power of the Ark, the mighty stone walls of the city of Jericho collapsed and the Israelites enjoyed their first conquest in Canaan.

Several years later, the Israelites took the Ark into battle against the Philistines, but lost and the Ark was captured. The Philistines took the Ark of the Covenant and treated it like any other booty, putting it in the temple of their god. The Bible records that very strange things then started to happen. Death and sickness broke out among the Philistines. In ancient times, they had no understanding of energy or what we would consider similar to radiation poisoning, so they considered this death and sickness to be the result of their god's displeasure. They tried to offer sacrifices in appeasement, but it didn't work. So they said, Let's get this thing out of here. And they sent it back to Israel. The same thing happened when it reached the children of Israel. Those people who did not take proper precaution in the presence of the Ark also succumbed to illness and died.

We must understand that the Torah, the five books of Moses as we have them, were not written to be a comprehensive history in which every detail was included. And therefore there were definite secrets about the Ark... how it was built, why it was built, and what it may have contained. We know only so much about it. We know the Ark had the power to kill. We know the Ark had the power to prepare the way for the children of Israel in the desert. What does that mean? What exactly did it do? That we don't know. But we do know that it had powers and abilities not described in scripture. We know that if and when it was taken to war, it could destroy enemies. It was terribly feared by the enemies of ancient Israel. Its presence was considered so dangerous that people did not approach it, and those who violated its boundaries died.

The book of Zechariah prophesizes that in the days to come, when the Messiah is to be, that there's going to be a tremendous earthquake in Jerusalem. The Mount of Olives will split, and the split will create a chasm forty-five miles wide. It is said that this earthquake will be caused by some type of sonic vibration created from under the earth, and that the powers from under the earth are then going to arise out of this chasm with the Ark, with what's called the holy ones of God. And this is considered to be A) the return of the Ark and B) the famous coming of the Messiah.

According to the ancient prophecies, when the time comes for divine intervention in human history, the armies of God are supposed to march with the Ark of the Covenant before them.

I think we all know that we're living in very, very unstable times. And I believe the reason the world today is so unstable is that deep within the core of our humanity, we all sense some kind of change is coming. There are so many new things, so many strange things. I believe that somehow, somewhere, we are being prepared for something. And it's only a matter of time before that something is revealed. When that time comes, I believe that, like the ancient legend says, the Ark will be reactivated. Communications will be restored, and we will again have not only that which we have lost, but also that which was meant to be in the beginning. I confess that's an optimistic hope, but it's one that I do embrace.

The Ark of the Covenant represents a very important message to us, that we human beings still have open to us a line of communication with our source, our creator. That creator is who we call God, whom I believe reached out to humanity at Mount Sinai and opened the door to extra-terrestrial communication through something like a wormhole, perhaps. Instructions were given at that time how to maintain that contact. And I believe that the secrets of those contacts are still available to those who seek them out.

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