Friday, May 26, 2017

Breaking News: Bob Gimlin Sets The Record Straight Regarding Dr. Matthew Johnson's Literary Misconduct

Dr. Matthew Johnson appears to have misrepresented Bob Gimlin in his new book, "Bigfoot: A Fifty Year Journey Come Full Circle." Russell Acord from the Face Off Crypto Blast YouTube series took a moment with Bob to address Dr. Johnson's literary misconduct.

Watch the video below.


  1. Well Bob Gimlim, he said this to me once. true. He says you manage to find a different woman to take to your room every night when you do conference. absolutely true he did say that.

    1. Whether he really ever said that or not what type of person would write something like that?

  2. Are you a hot babe Bob, LOL . JUst joking with you, still a handsome man.

  3. Matthew's book is probably 70% bullshit...

  4. Hello to the both of you Russell Acord and my Bigfoot Hero Mr. Bob Gimlin - I didn't know anything about this book (until just now), but it was really a pleasure to see you both talking and having a good chat with us all. Hope to meet you someday Bob, you are the source of my inspiration with all things Bigfoot!! MArk Wilson