Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Article: River watcher: Bigfoot lives on?

Although the Bigfoot legend has pretty well been laid to rest after 50 years of watching and searching, there will always be believers in monsters and the supernatural.

By Rex Burress from The Oroville Columns

People love their monster-mysteries as it stirs certain juices and lifts the imagination out of routine living that is often prone to problems and dread. It doesn’t take much to distort truthful imagery into the realms of fantasy;, hence we have Godzilla, Star Wars, UFOs, Picassos, Yetis, Fairies, Bigfeet abstracts, and aliens, which is not all bad as the stimulation stirs creative passions that adds to the fun and joy of life.

New species of plant and animal life are still being found, but large, visible creatures have mostly all been found, we think. A large animal is hard to hide in this age of several billion people on earth, and ape-sized creatures need living space, food, and a family-base for reproduction. To survive, a Bigfoot would require a mate and babies, a shelter and sewage disposal, and who has found all that?

Might it be imagined, or fake, imagery? Scientifically, it would seem so, unless Bigfoot is an alien dropped onto earth to check things out.

At the most meager clue, the imagination of man can take a mighty leap forward for mankind! Witness all the treks to find lost gold mines, delving into the rubble of ancient cities, opening King Tut’s tomb, and the most imaginative venture of all — probing the universe for discovery of strange new worlds.

The NASA pictures of the Mars expedition has stirred up some incredible and outlandish imaginings of artifacts on the planet. People want so hard to believe there was life there/IS life there, that theories have gone wild. If you stare at an odd-shaped rock for awhile, you can see a face, animal, or alien. In the beginning, earth was flat — and is still flat, according to some “observers.”

Be wary when considering the observations of witnesses. Even Yogi chimed in: “We make too many wrong mistakes.”

As an example, a few years ago there were rumors of a mountain lion at the edge of Oroville. Near my home there is an undeveloped 80-acre wooded tract that was occupied by caretaker Richard, and he was concerned. As a fun thing, I made a few cat tracks in the road dust — and Richard found them and responded excitedly. “The lion is here — I saw its tracks!”

Be wary of practical jokers, too.

Imagination is put to good use by novel, science fiction, and ghost story writers, and it’s also put to good use by artists and creative inventors. But it strains the logical molecules when some of the UFO/alien stories are stretched to the extreme.

The TV program, “History Channel,” occasionally runs a series on “Ancient Aliens,” and their “history” of colorful information can be quite convincing that the indescribable lives or has lived.

Maybe the ultimate in allegations of alien presence on earth was the channel’s recent description of an alien city two miles down under the Antarctica ice. It was maintained that during World War II Hitler and the Germans had a keen interest in an alleged power grid emanating from under the ice, and they sent a large ship to investigate a possible supernatural power that could help them win the war.

Amazingly, America has also done even more exploration for a sunken city two miles under the Antarctica ice. The program indicated reports of ‘flying saucers’ bursting from the ice pack! The good old UFO! The research has all been classified in an eerie silence ... like the Roswell, New Mexico, saucer incident.

Maybe Bigfoot comes from down under piloting a UFO!

Of course, civilizations have been described in inner earth earlier. Before it was found to be exceedingly hot down there, a number of stories involved “Journey to the Center of the Earth!”

Through all the irregularities and theories — Bigfoot, aliens, sunken cities — keep watching. Exploration and discovery is the essence of understanding nature.

“What I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.”

— Jesus, Holy Bible, Mark 13:37.

“The inclination to believe in the fantastic may strike some as a failure in logic, or gullibility, but it’s really a gift. A world that might have Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster is clearly superior to one that definitely does not.”

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