Saturday, April 22, 2017

Today a Bigfoot researcher will speak in Kentucky

The existence of Bigfoot remains a mystery to most, but for 20-year cryptozoologist veteran researcher Thomas Marcum, the hunt for this elusive creature has become a passion.

The Hulen, Kentucky resident has spent countless hours in the forest, taken hundreds of sighting reports and conducted hundreds of witness interviews. His tireless efforts to track the creature and to prove its existence hasn’t waned over the years, either. As the years pass, Marcum is driven more intensely to expand his knowledge about Bigfoot and to determine just exactly what is the legendary beast that supposedly roams the forest lands of North America, including the rugged terrain of the Appalachian Mountains.

“Most people like a good mystery, and Bigfoot has been a mystery for a very long time,” Marcum said. “The mystery is like a large puzzle to me, and I just want to keep adding in the pieces, even the very small ones.”

For Marcum, the hunt for Bigfoot is much more than chasing a popular American legend. It’s about piecing together fragments of information pertaining to hidden and unknown animals, and proving there are creatures out there that are real and are just not myths.

“There are just so many questions about their behaviors and social structures that need to be answered,” Marcum said. “The curiosity and the desire to know more about Bigfoot is what keeps me going, and some answers are only going to come from doing actual field work.”

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