Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Sound of Them...

That's when I saw these lights...

From the book: "Encounters With the Strange and Unexplained" by Matt Hoyle.

"I was driving one night when I stopped to have a little break. It was 9 p.m., a winter's evening, and in the desert in the wintertime the air is extremely clear. There was no moon; the stars were unbelievable in the sky, like nets of little white lightbulbs above us. That's when I saw these lights—something similar to an afterburner light up—happening in twos and threes and fours. I've been a pilot since 1971; I've heard many afterburners fire up and they can be heard for miles. But the interesting thing about this was there was absolutely no sound at all. So I drove closer to the dry lake and they vanished."

Area 51, Nevada

You can purchase the book: "Encounters With the Strange and Unexplained" here.

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