Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Paranormal investigation team explores former Clearfield County jail

CLEARFIELD - A group of people will join a paranormal investigation team Friday night as they explore the former Clearfield County jail.

By Bridget McClure from WJAC NBC 

Built in 1870, the jail is one of Mo-Valley Paranormal's most active sites to investigate, according to lead investigator Tyson Lidgett.

"Our mission statement is, dedicated to taking the fear away from the unknown," Lidgett said. "We try to do that by empowering people with knowledge about what may possibly be going on in their homes."

Mo-Valley Paranormal was formed five years ago to help people who are experiencing or believe they're experiencing activity in their homes.

Lidgett said they've done about 100 investigations.

"Unfortunately, because of client privacy, we don't allow the public to come on our investigations," Lidgett said. "But we do offer public investigations, where the public can come in and have the opportunity to use the basic equipment and investigate alongside the team."

About 30 brave people will join in an overnight lockdown at the former jail on North Second Street in Clearfield from 10 p.m. Friday to 4 a.m. Saturday.

Participants will get to use equipment like an electronic voice phenomenon, non-contact thermometers and digital voice recorders.

"We try to make it as much educational as it is entertaining, to show people that there's really no fear needed when dealing with the unknown such as the paranormal," Lidgett said.

To be informed when other lock-downs are scheduled, like Mo-Valley Paranormal's Facebook page.

You can contact the group at 814-441-1898 or by email at movalleyparanormal@yahoo.com.

Source: WJAC NBC News

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