Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Is this Bigfoot?

Bigfoot fan boy, Allen Hentges, posted this photo on Facebook and said: This is a photo from Eastern Washington A hunter took it. I got it from another party. Thoughts?

Midwest Bigfoot researcher, Randy Harrington said: The moment it says...from a friend of a means, we will never find out anything about it....fake!!!!

The man who presented the photo on social media, Allen Hentges said: It was taking during hunting season and it was in eastern side of the cascades.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Pretty much typical, fuzzy, out of focus but so badly as many, nbo sense of scale and in this one no real photographer just a friend of a friend from social media....uh-huh?

    Let's get that friend to take me or someone else to that spot and let me do a proper investigation on it. I'll have some answers PDQ.

  2. It has been altered. badly I might add.....

  3. blow it up and look between the paint or something....really bad job......almost looks like an elephant and the truck has been cut that is all I can see by looking at it is elephant.