Wednesday, March 29, 2017

"Sasquatch Field Manual" Author Says Citizen Science is Key to Finding Bigfoot

Can the legend behind Bigfoot be explained? One world renowned author says it can through science.

From KLEW News by Shannon Moudy

Some say the truth is out there, including Author David George Gordon. He says they key to unlocking the mystery of Bigfoot, or revealing it to be a myth, is rooted in Citizen Science.

"We like to think we know lots about life on our planet, but we're basically discovering new kinds of animals pretty much on a weekly basis,” said Gordon.

Author David George Gordon has written several books on the natural world, including the parts that haven’t been substantiated yet.

"Absence of evidence is not evidence of an absence,” said Gordon. “Just because we don't have physical proof doesn't mean something doesn't exist."

Today the Seattle native was at the Colfax Methodist Church, speaking about the Pacific Northwest’s favorite X-file: Bigfoot. Variations of the legend of the creature known as Sasquatch can be found throughout history and across the globe. Gordon says this creature could very well be real.

"You've probably all seen this,” said Gordon.

But trying to prove its validity is harmed by hoaxes and poor evidence gathering techniques.

"And these are what I would call sloppy science,” said Gordon.

Gordon says Citizen Science is the key to solving this mystery. That means the average person can be trained to collect accurate data, which can them be analyzed by experts, and it doesn’t require specialized equipment. A cellphone camera and field journal may be all you need to track down Sasquatch.

"I realize it's going to be hard when you find an eight or ten-foot-tall hairy being in front of you to grab your notebook and start writing,” said Gordon.

And while you may not find the elusive ape-man, you may find something else on your trip into the wilderness, a greater appreciation for the world around us.

"If you're trained to be more observant and also to record what you see, now you're contributing all sorts of stuff to our understanding of the outdoors,” said Gordon.

These appearances are part of a Humanities Washington Program. Gordon’s last presentation was Friday at the Endicott School.

Source: KLEW News

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