Thursday, February 16, 2017

One man’s mission to contact not kill a Sasquatch on Killing Bigfoot

This week on Killing Bigfoot, the GCBRO team continue their search to bag a Sasquatch and one man explains why he wants to capture not kill.

By James Wray from Monsters & Critics

The team head into the wood just before nightfall, to setup their hides in the hope of spotting and shooting a Bigfoot.

One of the group chats about how you need to be careful that your imagination doesn’t run away with you. He’s seen grown men forced to leave the woods and it’s been down to nothing more than an over-active imagination.

He blames movies and TV shows for showing Bigfoot-like creatures tearing men apart…though to be fair we reckon if they did find and try to kill a Bigfoot it might well try and rip them apart!

Later we also meet a man whose had a change of heart. He was all for hunting these creatures down but now he believes they could be a close relation of modern humans. Maybe like a sort of Neanderthal and as such he want to make contact.

To this end he and his friends camp in the woods at night and play simple musical instrucments in the hope of attracting one of the creatures. His logic is that most humans are attracted to pleasant music and that the sound may bring a Bigfoot close, he even blindfolds himself so as not to scare any that approach.

Catch Killing Bigfoot at 10/9c on Destination America.

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