Thursday, February 2, 2017

Is Mystery Object An Alien Spacecraft?

A mysterious object, 1991 VG, which has left scientists scratching their heads since it was first discovered by astronomer James Scotti in November 6, 1991, will pass Earth in the summer of 2017. Based on its unusual features and properties, some scientists considered 1991 VG a candidate object in the ongoing search for an alien spacecraft or probe in our solar system at the time it was first discovered.

Despite scientists’ reservations about declaring the object an alien probe ahead of irrefutable evidence that could emerge during observation as it passes close to Earth in the summer 2017, there was excitement among members of the online UFO community who hoped that we could obtain irrefutable evidence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life when 1991 VG passes close to Earth later in 2017.  Read more here

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