Thursday, February 9, 2017

Female Squatchin'

Six professional women who are bringing their training and personal knowledge of their individual craft to make up this elite "All Female" Bigfoot Team!

Check out these amazing women. "Female Squatchin" The ULTIMATE BIGFOOT TEAM! 
Be sure to give their Facebook page a like here and be entered to WIN a free T-Shirt. We personally know a few of these ladies, they are the real deal.What do you readers think? We think it's an awesome idea... totally legit! Let's see what they can find!

Montra- Lead Investigator
Montra Freitas is the Lead Bigfoot Investigator with 18 years of hardcore expedition experience. She is a well respected leader in the Bigfoot Community and formerly served as the Curator for the BFRO for a decade. Montra met her husband, John Freitas during a Bigfoot expedition at the Oregon Caves in 1999, and the rest is history! Montra & John make up the most experienced, well rounded and respected Bigfoot Researching couple in North America. Montra has always dreamed of creating an All-Female Bigfoot Team! With that in mind, we dedicated almost two years in order to find the perfect team of professional women to make up this elite group! Montra plans on leading this team to prove that an all "female team" will be the key to getting the irrefutable proof that the ever elusive Bigfoot exists! Please share this page with your friends and family, we'd appreciate your support, and we'd love to hear about any Bigfoot experience that our followers/fans have had. Please message us your experience, pictures or videos! Please include your contact information if willing to speak with our team. Thank you!

Lex- Investigator/Security
Lex, also known as "Lex Force" is an intimidating, badass outdoorswoman. Standing 6'5, but 6'7 with her socks & boots on, with a reach of 8'4, Lex is a force to be reckoned with. Highly trained with fire-arms, self defense techniques & outdoor tactics who truly understands the art of security, is exactly why she will be playing that role for our All-Female Squatchin Team. Her first responsibility to the team is to keep these women safe from any threat, human or not! Let's not forget to mention, she will come in handy for trying to obtain proper scale from Bigfoot witnesses. 

Rebecca- Professional Hunter/Tracker/Investigator
Rebecca literally has hunting & tracking in her DNA! Rebecca was born and raised in south Florida. As a very young child, she was taught the secrets of success in the hunting & tracking trade by her mother, father, and also four highly experienced & well trained uncles. Rebecca mostly hunts & tracks wild hog, wild turkey and deer in the Everglades,Avon Park & Big Cypress National Preserve. She also has an unbelievable, uncanny sense of the woods/swamps and recognizes the presence of many different animals/species in different regions of the US. Rebecca is also able to humbly boast of her #5 ranking for the World's Hottest & Most Skilled Hunter & Tracker! She will play a vital role within our All-Female Squatchin Team. We are lucky to have Rebecca on board.

Samantha- Investigator/Medic
As Monta's Protege, Sam has become a vital part of the team with a passion for proving Bigfoot's existence after a childhood experience in the Sierra Nevada Mountains that left her with more questions then answers. In addition, Sam is EMS/CPR/AED trained & certified to keep our ladies patched up & safe as they will be spending an immeasurable amount of time in the wilderness. Accidents are bound to happen, that's why Sam is such a valuable member of our All-Female Squatchin Team! Samantha is also an avid outdoors enthusiast with lots of hiking experience, an unbelievable athlete & rational thinker that knows how to handle herself in the wild.

Sara- Video & Sound Technician
Sara is a professional audio & video tech who will be documenting the expeditions with recordings in order for us to capture the irrefutable evidence of Bigfoot's existence. Sara boasts of graduating from the Los Angeles Film School for Audio & Visual Arts. Sara brings all the necessary skills for us to capture the monumental evidence to support this undocumented, hominoid, bipedal creature, in order for the scientific world to accept Bigfoot. Thank you Sara for being a part of our All-Female Squatchin' Team!

Be sure to give their Facebook page a like here!

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