Sunday, January 29, 2017

UFO caught on camera from the ISS Space Station!

UFO hunters are claiming they have evidence aliens are watching humans on the International Space Station after spotting what they believe is a craft hurtling past an astronaut’s live camera.

By Jon Austin from The Express

The footage, showing a “UFO” spinning 180 degrees at speed, is the latest in a string of alleged sightings caught on NASA livestream cameras on the International Space Station (ISS).

Many of the earlier films have been dismissed by sceptics and hoax busters as anything from a reflection on the camera lens.

Other explanations included the moon in the background, space junk, meteors or even satellite being ejected by the ISS itself.

But committed UFO investigators, who are convinced aliens in space craft are investigating human presence on the ISS, claim this one cannot be talked down.

Scott C Waring posted the footage, recorded on January 5, on his website

In an accompanying blog, he said: "This amazing footage was shot from an astronaut's GoPro while outside the space station this week.

"The GoPro was hooked up directly with the live Internet link for all to see.

"How do I know this is a UFO? Watch and see how this does a perfect 180 degree turn in the sharpest possible way that even an F16 could not match.

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