Thursday, January 19, 2017

Have You Seen This Creature?

If you have, then you are not alone. For centuries, countless explorers, pioneers, missionaries, trappers, mountain men and ordinary citizens have reported sightings of this creature.

This creature is well known among the Native American tribes of North America. The Hoopa Indians of the Pacific Northwest call it Boss of the Woods; to the Cree in Manitoba, it is the Weeketow; to the Seminoles, it is the Sand Man. and many know it by the name given it by the Coast Salish Indians of Canada -- sasquatch. In East Tennessee, it is called the Wooleybooger; in Florida, it is the Skunk Ape. But since the late 1950's, Americans have known this creature as Bigfoot.

Isn't This All a Hoax or Hallucinations??

Many assert that the bigfoot/sasquatch is merely the product of over-active imaginations and cunning hoaxers. However, bigfoot sightings have been reported for years in Tennessee and in every other state in the Union, except Rhode Island and Hawaii, and, in nearly every province of Canada. Sightings have been reported by a broad spectrum of humanity, ranging from housewives to law enforcement officers to experienced, seasoned hunters, loggers and other outdoorsmen. It is highly unlikely that all those sightings are the result of either imagination or an elaborate, nationwide hoax.

In addition to actual sightings, there is a wealth of physical evidence that points to the existence of sasquatch in North America. For example, literally thousands of footprint casts have been collected over the years. Could some of those footprints have been faked? Undoubtedly. Are all of those footprints fake? Highly unlikely. Why? Because many of the plaster casts of bigfoot footprints reveal dermal ridges on the bottom of the foot. All primate feet have dermal ridges (i.e., finger prints). Further, many of the plaster casts reveal movement in the toes and the foot from stride to stride. Both dermal ridges and toe movement are difficult, if not impossible, to fake.

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