Sunday, December 11, 2016

Star of "Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie" has passed away...

Dallas Gilbert, the World’s Greatest Sasquatch Hunter, has died.

From Dan Elliot:
Hey everyone. By now you all know we have lost a great man Dallas Gilbert. He was very ill and in a lot of pain over the last year but always calling Bigfoot or helping other's teaching them about it all. He always looked to the good in life and loved it every bit of it. He is no longer in pain and breathing in Heaven's pure air, and like a story of Enoch, from the bible, I believe he is walking with GOD and you know talking about many thing's.  He will live in our Hearts memory forever. 

From Squatch Detective, Steve Kulls:
Sources have told me the extremely sad news that Ohio Bigfoot researcher Dallas Gilbert has passed away. 
Dallas along with his best friend an research partner Wayne Burton, had been featured on their autobiographical documentary, “Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie.” 
Sadly Wayne had lost his wife earlier this year, now he has lost his best friend. 
Although some of Dallas’ evidence may not have stood up to some of the community standards, every once in a while he came up with some very interesting photos.
One thing that was always certain of Dallas however, he believed in everything he did and had a great big heart. 
Every once in a while I would hear from Dallas and he was always so enthusiastic about doing research. That enthusiasm existed throughout his life and never strayed. 
He will be missed. Our deepest condolences go out to his wife and family and to Wayne.
Keep on Squatchin’ my friend.

From Greg Newkirk:
While much of his work was often met with a skeptical eye – and even harsh criticism – by the greater Bigfoot research community, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who was more dedicated to the work than Dallas Gilbert.

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