Thursday, December 29, 2016

Novices.... A section from "Big Footptints" by Grover S. Krantz (AnExcerpt)

The late Grover Krantz has left us a plethora of information on Sasquatch in his interviews and books that he has published. One book, "Big Footprints" is a must have book that covers everything that is ongoing to this day in Bigfoot research. This excerpt is about the novices in the Bigfoot community. And there are a ton of them.


There is another category of hunter, far more numerous than the hard-core, who are simply "looking for bigfoot" without having any clear idea of what they are looking for or what they would do if they found something. These novices are usually as ill-informed as they are enthusiastic. They try to contact previous eyewitnesses, look for previously discovered tracks, and hope to see new tracks or even the sasquatch itself. They are usually equipped with cameras and note-books, sometimes with tape recorders and plaster as well. Many of these novices are simply trying to decide for themselves whether these creatures exist; I can sympathize with them because I started out pretty much that way myself.

The novice who is trying to "find bigfoot" usually has given little or no thought as to how his/her potential discovery might be proven to anyone else. Having talked to many of them, I get the impression that they seem to think general acceptance will be automatic when they see the evidence. Others plan to take pictures of the creature on the assumption that this will constitute proof. These people are very naive about the kind of evidence that is required, and they usually have no concept of how much has already been collected.

Some novices talk seriously about obtaining a specimen with a tranquilizer gun. Obviously they have never looked into the subject or they would know that they would not be able to obtain the necessary equipment, and that it wouldn't work anyway. Eventually, all of these novices either drop the subject, or else they shift into one of the other categories of hunters when they learn more of the facts.

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