Monday, December 19, 2016

Hunting for Bigfoot in Alaska!

Michael Thompson, who holds degrees in law enforcement and archaeology and heritage, supplies hunters with evidence kits and a guide to collecting DNA.

By Christopher Bucktin

Deep in the wilds of Alaska, where killer temperatures leave even the thermometers frozen solid, we are on the hunt for a legend that refuses to die.

I am in the company of Michael Thompson, a law enforcement officer who has spent 33 years on the trail of Bigfoot – or Sasquatch, to give the mysterious beast its proper name.

Michael, 52, is clutching a cast made from a footprint discovered on a track near Bluff Creek in California in 1963.

He wears a beret bearing a ­silhouette of the ape-like creature.

And he won’t be giving up his quest for answers any time soon.

“People think I’m a crank,” Michael admits.

“But the evidence is overwhelming when it comes to proving Bigfoot is alive. The rest of the world wants a body, alive or dead.

“But I think there is enough physical evidence left behind to prove there is something out there, evading people.

“The most important evidence are tracks, they are most numerous and recurring. I have seen them myself in Island Lake and Hidden Lake and several spots where I live.”

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Source: The Mirror

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