Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dr. Haskell Hart has a peer reviewed paper coming out called "Not Finding Bigfoot in DNA"

From retired chemist Dr. Haskell Hart: I am proud to announce that my article entitled "Not Finding Bigfoot in DNA" has just been published in The Journal of Cryptozoology, a PEER REVIEWED journal whose head editor is Dr. Karl Shuker, recently named Cryptozoologist of the Year 2016 by the International Cryptozoology Museum for his many contributions to the field.

My article addresses the three Ketchum nDNA sequences which were seen to be from a black bear (the Smeja kill), a human, and a dog. Volume 4 of the journal, which contains my article, is available at http://www.journalofcryptozoology.com for 7.99 British Pounds ($10.43), which includes postage to the US. I get nothing from the proceeds. I have submitted two additional articles on the mtDNA results in the Ketchum paper. Those are under review.

Way to go Haskell. You can see Dr. Haskell Hart and Dr. Todd Disotell cover Dr. Melba Ketchum's debacle of The Sasquatch Genome Project on After Hours below. 

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