Friday, November 18, 2016

Sasquatch Summit begins today!

This weekend Sasquatch Summit is happening today and tomorrow in Grays Harbor, Washington. The 2-day conference offers the worlds most well known & respected Sasquatch researchers that present their updated evidence. However, the event appears to lean toward the woo and hoaxers. How so? Let's look at their speaker itinerary.

The conference says they try to offer the many different philosophies, theories and research techniques and believe that there are many great ways to collect evidence.  

Their surprise guest speaker this year is author, David Paulides, who does not do Bigfoot interviews, according to Ed Brown who was the co-host of the International Bigfoot Conference.  David is not a hoaxer, but he does make a mountain out of a mole hill in regards to making implications Sasquatch is responsible for the many missing people that come out of our national parks.

Finding Bigfoot's, Cliff Barackman, will be there and the Portland Hopsquatch promoter, Guy Edwards, will be speaking as well.

There are controversial personalities that will be speaking. Alleged hoaxer Mitchell Townsend, AKA Johnny Dagger, is speaking and gullible Bigfoot author, Christopher Noel will be speaking as well (he fell for Rick Dyer's 2012 hoax). Maybe he can give attendees advice on not falling for a hoax so easily? 

Usual Bigfoot conference staples will be speaking again including Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Sierra Sounds  quantum physics aficionado Ron Morehead, and living legend Bob Gimlin. Will Dr. Meldrum call another alleged hoaxer his colleague (like he did at Summit previously)? Will Bob Gimlin finally confess the Patterson film was a hoax? Probably not, but one can hope some truth will finally be shed on this subject known as Sasquatch.

Bigfoot woo and star child author Thom Powell will be speaking. His theories are out there, for example Bigfoot coming and going from another planet, but he is a fascinating man to listen to. For about 5 minutes.

YouTuber Toby Johnson will be speaking. About what? We don't know. Perhaps on his love/hate relationship with the Bigfoot community?

David Ellis, Tom Baker, and Derek Randles will be speaking and they are from The Olympic Project which is probably the only genuine Bigfoot research group in existance. It's the only one we know of that does actual experiments and does not insist their word be taken over any evidence found.

Check out this video below of Tom Baker speaking about their exercise:

How does this conference compare to the Ohio Conference and the International Bigfoot Conference? One of our website contributors will be in attendance and will update the blog as news hits.

The conference is being held at the Quinault Beach Resort & Casino in Ocean Shores.

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