Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Native's Folklore from "True Bigfoot Stories: Eyewitness Accounts Of Killer Bigfoot Encounters"

Bigfoot-like creatures played a big part in the Native Americans folklore. They were depicted as angry, cannibalistic humanoids. The stories tell a great deal about them, most of them depicting them as evil.

They were said to kidnap children to eat and take young woman for breeding. The stories say they would carry out the kidnappings at night, sneaking into camps, finding their victim and then dragging them with them into the forest.

Compared to the modern depictions of Bigfoots, which is as peaceful, generally non-violent creatures, this is a huge contrast. But it also points to something very interesting. Bigfoots, in almost all stories featuring them, seem to possess human like intelligence.

What might have happened is that humans developed such effective ways of defending ourselves from them, that they stopped seeing us as an easy prey. Not only does this match up with the data, but it would also prove that Bigfoots aren't just a wild, brainless beast pushed along by pure instinct.

It would show that they're more akin to us than they are to wild animals. Which makes them all the more terrifying to think about...

This excerpt is from the book "True Bigfoot Stories: Eyewitness Accounts Of Killer Bigfoot Encounters" by Max Mason Hunter. You can purchase it here.

Here Is A Preview Of What's Inside...
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  • True Bigfoot Stories: Nevada – Searching for a Yeti
  • True Bigfoot Stories: Face to Face with the Beast – The Winnemucca Encounter
  • True Bigfoot Stories: Cannibal Giants of the Jarbidge Forest
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  • True Bigfoot Stories: Bigfoot Events Surrounding the Cold War Bases of Finland
  • Much, much more!

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