Saturday, October 8, 2016

Is Loren Coleman a Clown?

How a Maine-based Bigfoot expert found himself at the center of the national clown frenzy!
Even before the clown calls started rolling in, it was shaping up to be a busy month for Loren Coleman.

There was the grand re-opening of his International Cryptozoology Museum, which focuses on unsubstantiated creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. Not to mention his appearance at the Oct. 22 snake festival. And he still needed to pack for his trip to ParaCon, the Minnesota paranormal convention where he was slated to give a presentation on the Minnesota Iceman.

By Wednesday, however, it had all taken a backseat to what has become his daily ritual: keeping up with the flood of clown-related interview requests.

Coleman, whose research into unverified clown sightings helped coin the term “phantom clowns,” has emerged as an unlikely focal point in this strange and mesmerizing saga.

In the past two weeks alone, Coleman’s name has appeared in Rolling Stone and US Weekly. He has been inundated with interview requests from media outlets large and small, from Los Angeles to Alabama, seeking to pick his brain on the recent events.

Competition for his insights has grown so fierce, in fact, that one reporter from a major metropolitan newspaper insisted Coleman not talk to any other outlets from the same city, lest the reporter lose his exclusive.

Even for a guy whose work regularly involves Bigfoot, it’s been a weird turn of events.

“Everybody,” says Coleman, a jovial 69-year-old from Portland, Maine, “[has] jumped on the phantom clown bandwagon.”

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