Thursday, October 27, 2016

Is Bigfoot Real? Emerging Scientific Evidence

Is Bigfoot real? A better question would be why has mainstream science failed to put the question to the test?

By Mitchell Townsend from Ancient Origins:

Science is duty bound by definition to explain the unexplained, yet in 2016 some people are still debating its existence rather than examining emerging scientific evidence. Some of this evidence has emerged from unexpected places. One of these places is Mount St. Helens in Washington State, U.S.A, where in 2013 and 2014 I along with one of my former college students located three different ungulate rib prey bone assemblages (elk and deer rib bones) that had seemingly inexplicable chewing marks left in them.

We conducted a two year Zooarcheological field research project, which culminated March 26, 2016 at the 69th Annual Anthropological Research Conference, where I presented our conclusions to a room full of respected academic and governmental anthropologists and archeologists.

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