Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How to find Bigfoot with your smart phone

Some people just want explanations for weird things they’ve seen in the woods: Could this be a black bear with mange? A disabled dog?

Article written by Jack Doyle from OZY

When I was eight, I saw Bigfoot in my backyard. I heard crashing noises in the woods, ran into the house for a camera, and later proudly Sharpied the outline of an ape-like head on the grainy print. My brief but glorious stint as a Bigfoot hunter, captured in a single sentence and one lousy photograph.

My fascination has nevertheless lingered. These days, though, Bigfoot-hunting with a film camera (and, maybe, an ape suit in the back of the car) just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you’re looking to solve the unsolvable, what do you do in the internet era?

Pull out your smartphone, of course. Cryptozoology Today is the latest in a series of attempts to adapt monster-hunting for the 21st century. The creation of British brothers Rob and James Lester, Cryptozoology Today allows users to log sightings of everything from the Loch Ness monster and the Jersey Devil to more obscure beasts. Near where I live in England, people have recently spotted the Pershore Panther and amphibious humanoids in Brighton.

The Lesters say they try to balance fun with logical scientific inquiry, but point out that many animals – including giant squid, okapis, and gorillas – started out as “cryptids.” Curiosity about these paranormal creatures can lead to scientific discoveries, or at the very least, a tantalizing puzzle. “We’re hoping that as more reports are recorded and added to the map that our users can draw correlations,” James Lester says.

Source: OZY

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