Sunday, October 16, 2016

Editorial: The Magic of Sasquatch – OR NOT!

Have you ever heard, and we all have, about the encounters where something was there, but disappeared? It MUST have been a Sasquatch because they can cloak. How about when someone puts out a game\trail cam watching a feeding area and they get mysterious results? Like one frame shows the food, the next frame shows food gone, but what took it? It MUST have been a Sasquatch because they're Magic.

Look! I am certainly not one to discount folk’s sightings. God knows that 6 ½ years ago, I almost laughed at the thought of Sasquatch being real, until I saw for myself – convincingly – that they are very real. But I believe there is a better answer to some of the mystery. It CAN be Sasquatch without it being magic.

I do believe in UFO’s even though I am not sure if I have seen them. But logic tells me with all the planets out there, in an infinite universe, that we cannot be the only intelligent form of life. I also believe in God, although I have not seen him. But I know we humans didn’t create this wonderful planet and all the things in it. That is more a belief, a feeling that you either have or do not have. It’s in our very souls.

So – is Sasquatch magic? I truly do not believe so. I do know that they are very real. I understand that there are so many questions even the diehard researchers haven’t been able to answer. Such as where are their dead? Why do tracks suddenly end? How about that trail cam photo of the missing food? Why don’t we see them more often if they are there and are such a big creature? I believe there has to be an answer. Maybe it is an answer that goes beyond what we can comprehend because we think like humans. But Magic – I don’t think so. There has to be an answer between how humans or an ape would think or act, and magic. That’s the area we need to be looking and NOT in magic, because we cannot prove magic. It just is, and that becomes too easy an answer when we fail to look in other places.

So why do folks jump straight to “it has to be a Sasquatch?” First, I believe it’s because we want it to be. Some folks want to have that encounter so bad and when they are out looking for the very same creature and weird things happen, they go straight to that.  The term “Sasquatch on the brain” is very real. Unless you see it happen, you cannot say a Sasquatch did it.  Now I believe some evidence like tree twists and tracks can be them, but that’s just rational thought, not hope. Again I KNOW THEY EXIST, SO THEY MUST LEAVE EVIDENCE.

Why do people go straight to the magic or the supernatural as an answer? Why do they even believe it is Sasquatch doing it when there is absolutely no evidence to support it? No tracks around the missing food, no video showing one disappearing in plain view? Again, we WANT it to be them. When we fail to think of anything else besides the obvious, it MUST be magic. They disappear in front of cameras. Seriously? I do tend to think that much of this may be caused by Sasquatch, but I do not think its magic.

I will provide my answers. These are just my opinions as a rational thinking man who knows these beings exist, but who also has those same questions. Many may not agree, but hey – these are just my opinions, and we don’t have evidence of any kind to convincingly point to anything.

First of all, and I repeat, I know they exist. They must leave some sort of evidence right? What if they are smart enough to know they leave evidence? Maybe they cover much of it up. Not in an effort to fool humans specifically. Let’s think about this for a minute. These creatures have obviously been living in the forests of America and all over, and they’ve been doing this for a while, according to stories from hundreds of years ago at least. I think that most of us believe they are probably an ambush predator of sorts. If not, assume that for a minute. They have developed such a keen sense of hiding because of this, not because of us humans. We may be part of why but they aren’t just hiding from us. They have been thriving for a very long time. They must be excellent hunter gatherers. Part of being a great hunter is camouflage, and staying still. There is a site out on the internet that I believe in. I believe the folks who host it and gather the video and their answers are right on. Their opinions don’t answer everything but we may never have ALL the answers. Regardless, I mention them because what I am about to say is in their line of thinking and they’ve gone even further by showing it. I have always believed this since coming into this community, and I am not just using their thoughts. But I do agree with them. (No names here). Anyhow, part of the camouflage could possibly be in the oils of their skin and hair. The one I saw seemed to have an oily coat to it. What if, instead of cloaking or mysteriously vanishing, that these oils, along with years and years of success doing it, are the answer to their ability to hide, or in some cases appear to cloak. The oils reflect the light and the shadows. If they are in green shrubbery, they may appear greenish – they blend in. If one minute you think you see something, and the next, it appears to be gone, what if it isn’t gone. It just tucked further in? We humans are taught to see full faces, full bodies. We know what 2 eyes, a nose and mouth are. It’s a face. But what if they don’t give us that shot very often. I believe that to be true. They may show us one eye, or a head partially turned so we don’t see the profile or frontal of the face. Mostly, they are hidden so branches and limbs and rocks cover their full body. Without going to deep here, that’s my rational answer to how they can stay hidden, and why it may appear as if they cloaked. My question is, why do folks jump right to cloaking? That’s the bigger question here.

Along with that thought, I can also believe in Infra sound. Whether or not Sasquatches use it we don’t conclusively know. But think for a minute, what if they do? Most of us are aware that the larger mammals and largest of certain species use infra sound for various things. That’s been proven but only because these animals are in the open and can be studied. For example, the Blue whale, Elephants, Tigers – all believed to use infrasound. What if the Sasquatch, being the larger bipedal creature has this ability? It affects people differently. What if it used it when it was at last resort and we were just about to stick our heads in that brush or around this tree and see it? Then BAM – we get hit with something that may make us nauseous or may even make some of us lose time or at least lose conscious time. One second you may have seen it, and then the next conscious moment it’s gone. In your opinion, it disappeared. I am NOT saying that’s what happened, but it would be more rational than simply vanishing into another dimension. My thoughts on this go deeper than I am willing to discuss here. A few of us have gotten together in our favorite state forest and by luck discovered something being converted to a language in one of the members audio device. This device happened to be a very old one; One that went lower and higher than human hearing or speech. We asked what forest we were in, and it answered in a very struggling, low pitch sound, but audible through the audio recorder. The answer was the name of the forest. We all weren’t making it sound that way or hoping. It WAS that way. Now none of us are willing to say what this was, but it led us to believe that the study of infrasound in our forests needs to be undertaken. Is anybody doing that? Or are they all accepting the fact that it simply vanished, or that those that believe it vanished are liars? I think there’s a middle ground here that needs to be studied. I am not sure if there are even audio recorders out today that have this ability. Most are used to record human speech, sounds and music, so why go beyond that?

What about the tracks that suddenly disappear? Well – it must have just walked right into another dimension? Really? We go there first? This goes back to their camouflage so it probably should have been written there, but oh well. It all ties together anyway. What if this species is smart enough to know it leaves tracks? Maybe because of its extreme ability to hide or whatever, but it just knows. I have not been lucky enough to get on a track line that has a dozen or so tracks to begin with. I find one or 2 here and then another over there because of the hard surface of the pine forests in Pa where we are primarily researching. But what if they know they are being followed, or that the possibility exists where OOPS, they’ve left a track line and are smart enough to use a method that human trackers are well aware of? That is back tracking in your same steps, then jumping off trail, or into brush, water or even into trees. Walking on top of rocks in rocky areas is another method, or atop logs. There could be many explanations but we go right to disappearing or calling people that claim they’ve lost the tracks liars. Again, there has to be this middle ground. This would be hard to prove unless witnessed, but it makes more sense to me than vanishing into thin air. Again – I believe these people did follow tracks. I know they exist so they must leave evidence. But it’s NOT magic.

What about their dead? Where do their bones go? Well, many believe they may bury their dead underground or under rock piles. That isn’t too far-fetched. YES – bones of giants have been un-covered and documented. But it seems that once the officials or the Smithsonian get hold of that, then we hear nothing else about it. But another answer could be they just go deep in and hide when their time is up. I couldn’t tell you what a Sasquatch forearm bone looks like, and believe me, it wouldn’t take long for that to be all that’s left when the critters and Mother Nature get to it. The forest disposes of carcasses quickly. Now take a species that hides naturally, even when they are healthy and alive. We don’t see them too often so why would we think we would find their bones? I have never seen a dead bear in the woods. Dead from natural causes that is. Maybe I’ve seen some of their bones but I wouldn’t know it was from a bear. It’s not something I study. But I haven’t seen a full body, dead bear in the woods, and have only ever heard of 1 or 2 people who have. We know they exist. There are just too many rational answers for this question than to jump right to “They vanish into thin air and die in another dimension” or even “They don’t exist, so that is why there aren’t dead ones found. 

I am writing this from my view and remember – I am positive they exist. Science doesn’t need to tell me they do. My eyes told me this. So then – If they live (and I for one am sure they do), then they certainly leave evidence. They must die somewhere. We just haven’t found that answer yet. You can go into any large forest and stand in a spot and look out over the woods. Within your eyesight, I would guarantee there are spots in there than no human has stepped. Maybe they stepped near there, but NOT every foot of forest has been stepped in. For a species that thrives on their ability to hide, their bones could be in many places. We just haven’t been there at the right time, and those bones and flesh disappear quickly. Not because of magic, but because of Mother Nature. I witnessed Mother Nature’s ability to take back dead animals many times. One particular incident we paid attention to and re-visited happened 2 years ago in my research area. We found this dead doe, full skeleton, with no meat or organs or any flesh except on the lower legs and her neck up. She lay there with completely twisted back legs but no other damage I could see. I photographed this. Because this area is 80 + miles away, I was only able to visit it every other weekend. So 2 weeks later we went back and there was absolutely nothing left. Because I knew she was there just 2 weeks prior, I looked hard for any evidence and found none. No hair, no bone fragments, no ground struggle or drag marks – nothing. For someone that didn’t even know to look there, you’d of walked right past it.

So then! What about the game and trail cameras left up to watch food placed there for the Sasquatch? I know a few folks, whom I believe, that have had this very thing happen. They’ll find frames where the food was there, but a leaf or something set off the game cam. Or they just knew they put the food there but a frame shows it missing. It’s as if something triggered the camera but nothing is in the shot. My thoughts, and again, these are just mine. What if, how many folks who’ve witnessed these creatures running and say they are incredibly fast are right? Is it possible to be so quick as to grab the food and be out of the frame when the camera goes off? Humans aren’t fast enough, but we aren’t talking about humans. 

This is a better explanation than they are invisible. I still scratch my head on why nobody is getting pictures of them on game cams though. The consensus is they either don’t exist, or they know what a camera is and avoid them. I have no clue here except to say I’m sure they exist. But maybe they watch their areas like I believe they do. They know you placed something there. Everybody stands in front of their camera to make sure the thing works, so maybe they put 2 and 2 together. Maybe they do approach them but from behind, like smart predators do. I doubt they know what a picture is. But they certainly would know it was left by a human and they want nothing to do with it. This one needs answered logically because being invisible doesn’t work for me.

This subject does have its mystery. That is why a percentage of folks are into this. We all love a good mystery. I am certainly not speaking for anybody but me, and since it is me that is writing this, I’ll go on record as I’ve done before and say I KNOW THEY EXIST. It is not that mystery that brought me here. It’s the knowledge that they exist and the questions such as where are they and what are they that keep me here, as well as wanting to have more experiences with them. But there has to be a more rational reason behind many aspects of this mystery. 

It may be that these creatures can do things that we humans cannot do. Therefore we ignore the possibility that it can be done. Maybe, as some believe, we humans once had the ability to do some of these things. I wasn’t there so I don’t know. But we certainly do not today, and that makes it hard to think that anything else on this Earth can do these “magical” things. The answer may go beyond what a human can do or what an ape can do. This is its own being. When we tie ourselves to what we know we tend to think along either human or ape. We frankly do not know if it’s tied to that. Which is our first mistake. 

I understand that science goes by what is proven. We won’t have any proof if we don’t get off this insane thinking. Folks do not have to believe that Sasquatch exists. I give them that. I once, not too long ago, did not believe either. It IS something that you need to see to truly believe and appreciate. For those that haven’t seen it, I think it does us harm to assume they are magic. Just because YOU haven’t seen it doesn’t mean its magic. For those that haven’t seen one but approach this with rational thought? Congratulations. I envy you!

Maybe it is best that we believe in magic. It makes for a great story and keeps us humans thinking. But to get to answers of something that DOES exist, we need to move on. It’s time to research outside the box of what we know and have already proven and documented. Move on to the thought that they do NOT have to be magic to do what they do simply because we didn’t see it happen. Yet step further than the explanation that since man or ape doesn’t do it, then it cannot be.

Sasquatch having magical abilities? I’m not one to believe that, yet.

 - Dave Groves

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