Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Bluff Creek Project Update!

Jamie Wayne from The Bluff Creek project posted an update on their team's progress in his Facebook group. For those of you that don't know, The Bluff Creek Project is a five year study using multiple trail cams all over the vicinity where Roger Patterson allegedly filmed a Sasquatch in 1967. This is all in hopes of capturing this illusive creature on camera.

Jamie Wrote:
Any ideas on how a scientific Sasquai survey should go? The Bluff Creek Project is nearing an end I think. We plan on publishing this year and starting a new survey... Likely continuing research at the PG film site but perhaps doing something different with the cams...
His partner, Steven Streufert said:
What Bluff Creek Project is doing is testing the hypothesis. It is simply about observing the environment and noting what wildlife really do exist there. There will be a paper on this, that Jamie intends to write. Right now, the results of five years of study support the null hypothesis. I think what Jamie is asking is for any NEW ideas that might be useful in a redeployment of cameras up there, perhaps with different directions taken than previously.

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