Saturday, September 24, 2016

Video allegedly shows Bigfoot creature in Provo cornfield?

You can add another video to the growing list of local Bigfoot "footage."

First, there was the video shot in Provo Canyon back in 2012. Then, there was the alleged sighting in Payson Canyon. Now, a family in Provo has uploaded footage to YouTube that they claim shows Bigfoot near Utah Lake.

"As I was driving to the Provo airport, my daughter was playing with her iPad," YouTube user Jane Everett wrote in the video's description. "I think she caught Bigfoot running into a corn field! Now I'm a believer!"

The 37-second clip was shot entirely from the inside of the family's car. The girl filming the video comments on the beauty of the sunset. Trees and telephone poles pass by the window of the vehicle as it makes its way along the road.

Source: KSL

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