Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Jacobs Photos

On September 16, 2007 (9 years ago this week), a Bushnell trail camera with infrared captured bear cubs and what looks to be an unknown primate bending over. Why do people think it's Bigfoot?

Since bear cubs were seen at the crime, it's easy to understand that it could be a malnourished bear we are looking at in the picture. It may even have mange. However the BFRO says the following:
The distinction between ape anatomy and bear anatomy is most visible. The figure has its face pressed against the ground to smell some aromatic deer attractant mix (which the Jacobs brothers said they sprinkled at that spot in order to get a centered photo of a deer). Aside from the obvious limb ratio issue, when a "bear" bends down to sniff the ground, it should look more or less like large dog sniffing the ground. If you have a large dog then you'll know intuitively that a dog does not get in this position to sniff the ground, or even to press its ear against the ground. Neither does a bear, no matter how mangey it is. Apes, however, do get in this exact posture to smell the ground.

Various newspapers reported that the creature is a "mangey bear". This assertion originated from the spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Game Commission. See the article debunking the Penn. Game Commission.

Several people who have spent a great deal of time with both primates and bears (mainly zoo veterinarians) have consistentaly told us right off the bat, that it "looks much more like a primate than a bear."
And therefore even though we do not have the corpse of the animal to disect, we say with confidence that the Jacobs creature is not a bear.
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