Thursday, September 22, 2016

The creepiest house in America!

The John Lawson house might be the creepiest house in America. 

No one knows who lives there... aside from a number of mannequins with a habit of changing clothing and moving around on their own. Every day, the porch at the John Lawson house is occupied by life-sized female mannequins dressed in clothes from the last century. Their number, position and theme varies from day to day. but no one knows how they get there, since no living person has ever been spotted at the house. Some believe that the dolls have a message to convey. They think the dolls are trying to gesture and point towards an unsolved riddle. Others say that the dolls' mystery lies in the history of the house. In 1871, during a two-week cold wave, a train crashed just 200 feet from the house, instantly killing 22 people. It is believed that the dolls are always pointing towards that crash site.

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