Monday, September 19, 2016

Some scientists want more proof!

Most scientists do not believe Bigfoot exists, even though many people say they have seen it, and many footprints have been found. Scientists want real proof. They want someone to trap a live Bigfoot, or they want someone to find the body, skeleton, or skull of a dead Bigfoot.

Bigfoot believers go on expeditions to look for proof. Some of them put out food as bait for Bigfoot. Some have made tape recordings of what they say is the voice of Bigfoot. Grunts, howls, and roars can be heard on the tapes. Scientists, however, say the recordings are not real proof. The late and legendary Dr. Grover Krantz was an anthropology professor at Washington State University. He looked for proof that Bigfoot exists. Dr. Krantz said there may be 2,000 Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest.

Grover was the first scientist to establish, from the study of casts and tracks, that the makers of the footprints have a foot structure differing significantly from that of humans.

He was also the first to note and study the patterns of skin ridges that show up on a few of the casts, establishing that footprints laid down far apart in both space and time show patterns that are the same, and that differ from those of humans or any other animals.

While not the first to suggest that sasquatch might be Gigantopithecus, not extinct after all, he was the first to point out that the shape of their fossil jaws indicates that those giant apes probably walked upright. And he had the skill and knowledge to do an authoritative reconstruction, based on the largest jawbone, of a matching skull that demonstrates strikingly that Gigantopithecus was as huge as sasquatch are reported to be.

Portions of this article is from the "Bigfoot (X Science)" book by Jacqueline Laks Gorman. You can purchase it here.

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