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Seeing Sasquatch

The following article is a brief history of the highest profile claimed sightings of the elusive Bigfoot. From 1895 all the way to 2011.

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The first eyewitness account of a Bigfoot-like creature in America was published by President Theodore Roosevelt in The Wilderness Hunter. Roosevelt was.go "impressed" by a hunter named Bauman's "goblin story" he included it in his tome of tales: During a hunting trip in the 1850s, Bauman and a friend encountered a beast walking on two legs that ransacked their campsite. After the creature left, the pair decided to cut their trip short. Bauman's companion started to pack while Bauman fetched the beaver traps. When he returned, he found his friend dead with four fang marks on his throat and a broken neck. Bauman never got a good look at the beast, and the violent encounter runs counter to most modern descriptions of the gentle giant. Nonetheless, Roosevelt's recounting stands as one of the earliest depictions of a Sasquatch-like entity in the U.S.

October 16, 1870 
An anonymous correspondent for the Antioch Ledger published "The Wild Man of Crow Canyon," an account of his brush with a pair of Bigfoots. According to the correspondent, he or she spotted two creatures raiding the campsite, one male and female, "in the image of man, but it could not have been human." The correspondent further described the mammals as 5 feet tall with unusually long arms, short legs, almost no neck and covered with cinnamon-brown fur. While the creature's short height strikes the modern Bigfooter as atypical of the creature, the other physical characteristics match with what is described in other sightings.

August 21, 1895 
The Winsted Chronicle in Connecticut printed "The Winsted Wildman," a story chronicling Riley Smith's experience with the Sasquatch. Smith's bulldog began whining and ran back to him while Smith was picking berries. Suddenly, a naked manlike figure covered in fur burst forward into the clearing while yelling and'then disappeared into the woods.

While Camping in British Columbia, prospector Albert Ostman claimed he was abducted by four Sasquatches. He was kept in a awe with the family for six days where he was able to observe that they were vegetarians and had their own language. He escaped by distracting the creatures with his snuffbox. Ostman came forward with his story decades later in 1957 as other Bigfoot stories were coming to light.

September 1941 
Jeannie Chapman and her three children were forced to flee their house in British Columbia when a Sasquatch approached it. Police found continuous large footprints that led over a fence, through a smashed shed to a 55-gallon tub of fish that had been pried open. She claimed Bigfoot returned to their house every night for the,rest of the week.

October 1955 
William Roe was hiking alone in the Mica Mountain near British Columbia when he ran into a female Sasquatch. She had been eating leaves, but after she spotted him, she made a "whinny" noise and disappeared. In an effort to convince the cynical, Roe signed an affidavit confirming his statement.

August 27, 1958 
Over the span of sew end months, Gcralad Crew kept noticing abnormally large footprints on a construction site near Bluff Creek in California. . He took plaster casts of tine prints for proof. Humboldt Times picked up the story, running photos of the prints on October 6, 1958, and editor Andrew Genzoli coined the term Bigfoot in the article.

June 10, 1964 
On this earlier summer evening in Dewey Lake, Michigan, Mrs. John Utrup claimed a 9-foot-monster, weighing approximately 500 pounds, almost attacked her, but her dog—who was found wounded—saved her. This story garnered national attention and other town residents quickly chimed in that they had also seen the creature.

October 20, 1967 
In what would become the most famous Bigfoot footage of all time, Roger Patterson and Robert Ginilin filmed what they claimed was the legendary creature in Bluff Creek, California. Experts and Hollywood special effects experts have said that the film would be extremely difficult to recreate or fake, especially given the technology available in the 1960s.

November 1967 
Glen Thomas spotted three Sasquatches while working on a road in mountainous Oregon. He saw the family hunting and feeding on rodents. Thomas would report three more Sasquatch sightings a year later.

Paul Freeman captured what could be Bigfoot on video. It shows the creature loping through the Blue Mountain forest. Freeman's video is shaky, and Bigfooters are split on whether the figure captured was an authentic Sasquatch.

August 28,1995 
While a TV film crew from Waterland Productions was relaxing after along day of shooting nature's splendor, what appeared to be a bear crossed in front of their RV. But in the footage their cameras captured, the "bear" turns its face to the car. The crew exclaims the visage looks more human than animal and estimate its height to be about 8 feet: The grainy video was later titled "the Redwoods video."

October 23, 2010
A hunter, while lying in wait for deer, saw a large figure moving through the woods. He described it as having long arms, a muscular figure and was covered in dark fur. "I used to think...that Sasquatch couldn't exist because there would be tons of pictures," the hunter wrote on the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) message board. "But now I can see why that isn't true."

May 2011
While guiding his clients through the Florida swamp on a boat, a fishing guide spotted what he thought was a feral hog on the shore. But as the creature raised its head, the guide recognized it as a "Skunkape"—the foul smelling Bigfoot of the Southern swamps—because it had a human-like face with a beard and bald forehead. It was foraging for food when he spotted it, but ran away with "a guttural harrumph or snort."

May 3, 2011 
In Blackstone, Virginia, a father and son heard a loud noise. They went out of the house, armed with guns, and observed an 8-foot-tall fur-covered creature. The son shot a bullet into the air, but rather than being frightened by the shot, the Sasquatch charged forward and chased the pair back into their house.

From Newsweek's Special Edition Magazine - "BIGFOOT: The Science, Sightings, and Search for America's Elusive Legend" - Purchase here

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