Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Operation Sea Monkey is a go!

Operation: Sea Monkey is a very serious, professional expedition into the Canadian wilderness in search of Bigfoot. Sponsored in part by the American Primate Conservancy, this adventure is set to take place from September 23rd through October 2nd of this year. And here is how you can help.

Their team of distinguished researchers include: Todd Neiss, Ron Morehead, Thomas Steenburg, Tom Sewid, and Gunnar Monson. They will be joined by internationally recognized cinematographer, Darrin O’Brien, who will document the entire expedition on video.

The expedition will depart from Campbell River, on the rugged northeastern shore of Vancouver Island where the team will be picked up by a 68’ ship and taken into the heart of the Broughton Archipelago; a cluster of over more than 30 mostly uninhabited islands, where the they hope to encounter these amazing creatures. The ship will stay on site and deploy two inflatable Zodiaks for them to search for Sasquatch. After six days, the team will board the ship and return to the mainland.

You too can play a part in helping to solve this incredible mystery. Your financial support will go a long ways towards offsetting the expenses of this amazing adventure. However, time is running out! There is less than two weeks before Operation Sea Monkey commences. Please consider donating whatever you can afford. Thank you!

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