Thursday, September 22, 2016

No call for alarm...

Did you know that spooky sightings of ghouls, ghosts and evil spirits are higher than they have been in the past 25 years? Check out this story...

From the book: "Encounters With the Strange and Unexplained" by Matt Hoyle.

"I was a policeman responding to a burglar alarm one night at this very old home. When I arrived I saw a beautiful girl sitting on the porch. We spoke for a bit—she had a strange accent; and she explained that she didn't know they had an alarm. I said goodbye and began walking away when I realized that I needed someone to reset the alarm. When I turned to talk to her she was gone. I knocked on the door and a man answered so I asked him about the girl. He showed me a portrait and said, `Is this her?' I said, 'Yes.' `She's been dead for a hundred years,' he said."

Prince George's County, Maryland

You can purchase the book: "Encounters With the Strange and Unexplained" here.

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