Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New Bigfoot book: Hidden Tribe by Scott Harper & Desirée Lee *THIS IS A MUST BUY!*

Authors Scott Harper & Desirée Lee are a Bigfoot husband and wife writing duo who wrote a Sasquatch based novel called Hidden Tribe. The novel is fiction but it incorporates some of their own personal research and theories on the mysterious creature, Here's what we thought of the book:

The following editorial is about the new Bigfoot book, Hidden Tribe by Scott Harper and Desirée Lee.

It opens with a Bigfoot by the name of Ikotmi on a deer hunt. It's surprisingly written from a Sasquatch's perspective. We found it to be very clever and well thought out because the authors knew their Sasquatch theory... stick formations, whistling, deer hunting, eating the liver, observing humans curiously. This book would be great for younger readers, perhaps early teens who are just getting into the Bigfoot mythology. 

We also found interesting the authors included the divisive factions that pollute the Bigfoot community. The serious based and the woo are present. There is even the theory of zapping being present but put in realistic terms... infra-sound. There are good humans and bad humans and the Sasquatch family is able to figure out which is which. Without spoiling anything, there is quite a physical fight between a human being and an angry Sasquatch. It's one of the best moments of the book actually. 

Check out this following excerpt. The bigfoot Ikotmi is watching a human female researcher, Alexia, talk with a male human, Dane:
The female sighed deeply. "These creatures live in the wild, not our modern human society. When an animal dies in the wild, scavengers get to the body quickly. In a matter of a few days, all that's left are bones. Other scavengers grab those, scattering them. It's entirely possible that people see sasquatch bones on a regular basis, but simply find one random piece of the skeleton, chewed on, and left by other animals, and simply don't recognize what they're seeing.  
"It's also possible that sasquatch bury their dead. They know about humans. They've learned how to avoid us. These things are masters of their environment. They're like ninja in that regard. They go out of their way to hide footprints when they can. They will freeze in place, and can easily be mistaken for a tree, or a stump—if they're crouched down. They've especially been known to do that in poor lighting. 
"With the lengths they go to in order to avoid detection, it's entirely possible that their dead are disposed of in such a way as to not leave remains for us to find. For all we know, they eat their dead. Doing so would make perfect sense from their point of view. They'd be getting rid of the body—rather than leaving one somewhere to be found by humans—and gaining the protein from the food."
"This book not only held my interest, but was written in a way that used documented factual information about the creatures to help tell the story, and clearly shows that the authors did their research and didn’t just follow the Hollywood cookie cutter image of a Bigfoot as a vicious monster loose in the countryside destroying everything and everyone in its path for no apparent reason." - Fortean researcher Thomas Lee Curtin Jr.

If you are interested in purchasing this decent Bigfoot book, Hidden Tribe by Scott Harper and Desirée Lee, click here.

And here is a link to the publisher's page: umbralpress.com/hiddentribe.html

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