Monday, September 26, 2016

"Forest Friends of the Night" (an excerpt) by Keith Bearden

When it comes to Bigfoot fandom, there are many divisive factions that struggle for control over the so-called, "Bigfoot Community". We here at The Crypto Blast have our own opinions on the woo-woo train of thought, but at the same time we believe in being fair when presenting information for our readers. The following is an except by Bigfoot author Keith Bearden teaching his readers the good, the bad, and the ugly in regards to the Bigfoot Community.

The following excerpt is from the book "Forest Friends of the Night" by Keith Bearden, Click here if you want to read more.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Things had been happening so very fast and many times I had to stop and pinch myself. Was this all a dream that I just could not wake from? After many pinches and many days, I decided pinching myself did not feel too good so, again, I immersed in Facebook and the forums. I kept asking questions and being introduced to people as I was learning from them all I could. I quickly began to notice there were little groups of people inside the larger "Bigfoot Community". I call them the Good, Bad and the Ugly. 

The Good were those that seemed so very knowledgeable. They had real answers that I could most relate too and they could explain things in a way that made complete sense to me. Many times these same people would help me simply by listening and accepting what I said without ridicule. These people I categorized as the "Good".

There was another group of people that seemed very knowledgeable but spent more time spouting their experience and how they were the ones in the know. They also got a lot of attention because they sought out the spotlight. They were in the media interviews and to me seemed to almost seek out the camera for self-aggrandizement. Some of these people clearly had knowledge, but some of them said things to shoot down with a matter-of-fact tone that seemed brash and unaccepting of other's views. I called this group "The Bad".

They were not called bad because they were bad people, but because I felt their views confused the community as a whole. People would latch onto their celebrity status and label them as "experts". Well, I never could and never have accepted the word expert when it comes to the bigfoot people. How could anyone? There is much yet to learn... So much that we cannot explain. Some of the people I trusted totally and had years of experience felt the same way, THERE ARE NO EXPERTS!

The "Ugly" were those that were all over the groups posting lies, causing dissension or hoaxing for attention. Many of these people would rise to a cult following and almost celebrity status. Some people would believe anything these ugly people said and jump in their corner to defend them. Many of the new or young people that joined groups to learn would get caught up in this. This caused damage to many and prevented others even discussing anything relating to it. They would also get media and of course as the media does most often, they would run with a story of a hoax and everyone in the community would be labeled a hoaxer.

Some of the "Good" on my list and a recommendation to learn more about are Ron Morehead of "Sierra Sounds" fame. Ron also is researching the elongated heads in Peru and other places. Check out his books and works online.

Scott Nelson is a retired U.S. Navy Crypto Linguist specialist with over thirty years of experience. He has spent many years researching the "language" aspect of the bigfoot and has done extensive work on the Sierra Sounds audios as well as other vocals.

Thomas "Thom" Cantrall who has more than fifty years of experience going back to his days as a Forester. He has several books out on the subject. Check out his website for more.

Arla Colett Williams, whose books "My Life With the Hairy People" and "Respecting the Water" can be found on Amazon and at

Alex (Midnight Walker) has some of the best audios of anyone I have ever heard. Also, his teachings of the bigfoot have been phenomenal.

Bob Gimlin was with Roger Patterson on that day in 1967 when the Patterson Gimlin Film was made. That film inspired me greatly as well as helping me to understand more. Although I have not personally met Bob, (yet) the conversations with Thom Cantrall regarding him are the next best thing! 

There are a few others and many friends I have met on Facebook and conferences that have helped me greatly and I continue to share with them as we learn together. 

My advice to any new people in this is to listen to opinions, but do plenty of research yourself prior to accepting anything as total truth. Listen with an open mind, but confirm as much as you can. Don't fall for the bad and be very careful of the "ugly." 

"This is a chronicle of my growth curve in learning of my natural surroundings and the beings who dwell there. It is factual and is an eye-opener." - Keith Bearden

If you want to purchase this remarkable book "Forest Friends of the Night" by Keith Bearden, Click here.

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