Friday, September 23, 2016

Editorial: The Fast and the Furious: The Fall of TV Personalities

An editorial by Serapheena Sasquatch Hunter: Today, marked the downfall of yet another T.V. personality celebrity ghost hunter, Ryan Buell, on charges of theft and stolen property. Tucked safely away as we speak in a detention center in Florence County South Carolina, Buell, star of A&E’s Paranormal State has found himself at rock bottom. From the looks of current pictures, some rocks may actually look better (just sayin').

Sudden fame can erode the most ethical of people who find their lifestyles change from every day normal to Lifestyles of the Fast and Furious. Fame, fortune, fans… parties and all things feel good become the name of the day. Maintaining that lifestyle can become difficult and in Buell’s case, allegations of defrauding fans of over $80,000 for the selling of tickets for shows not put on a well as theft. Wash, rinse, repeat for a period of 4 years. Eventually that fraud landed him in jail.

Sadly, his mother Shelly pleaded on Facebook with her son’s fans to cease enabling his behavior and lies stating he needed his family and help. Their goal, to get their son back. Shortly after, the Buell camp released a statement on Facebook as well asking fans not to believe the media claims or his mothers statement (aka please keep sending money??).

Most sad, like many seeking fame and fortune, Buell sold his show from the viewpoint of a young Catholic college student seeking answers to the paranormal with a goal of helping people suffering from paranormal problems. For those in the Paranormal Community... we have witnessed the downhill spiral, with offers of help gone on deaf ears. After allegations of missing money, we’ve just been waiting… and waiting…and waiting for the arrest to come. And yes, it finally did. Some folks cheered, some sneered and some cried. Either way the Buell Paranormal State Dynasty is falling with many fans still clinging to the ship.

Those who spent time amongst Buell’s inner circle would be remiss if they failed to acknowledge the lifestyle changes over Buell’s career. And many, myself included, witnessed partying and drug use as the Ryan of the past faded away and a new darker, afflicted Ryan emerged. While many knew he was floundering and why, his fan base continued to defend his every move despite the theft allegations. In fact, they continued to pour money into the coffers, and as his mother stated today, further enabling him.

I have seen it happen many times with reality TV stars or even what I term ladder climbers amongst the Paranormal or Cryptic community. People who forgo their ethics and goals for fame, to be amongst the who’s who and to be in the general limelight. In Buell’s case, he paid dearly for his moment in the spotlight and sometimes you have to make a pact with the devil to get there. Is the attention and living in the fast lane worth giving up who you are?

I cannot stress enough; do what you do because you love to do it and can do it without compromising yourself or expecting reward. If fame touches you, stay true to that. And if you begin to forget who you are, just remember Buell who lost himself to the darkness.

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