Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Conspiracy theorists claim SpaceX rocket explosion caused by UFO

The rocket went up in a ball of flames on Thursday, but the cause of the explosion has yet to be determined. Facebook lost a 200 million dollar satellite in the blast. There goes your privacy settings!

From The Mirror:

Conspiracy theorists believe new footage of the doomed SpaceX rocket take-off could explain what caused the explosion.

Seconds before the blast an unidentified object is seen flying past the launch pad with some viewers suggesting it could be a drone or an explosive device.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said the cause of the blast, in which nobody was injured, had yet to be determined.

The “reusable” rocket dramatically burst into flames at Cape Canaveral in Florida on Thursday.

The huge explosion, which was captured on film, blew apart the rocket during a pre-launch check, engulfing it in bright orange flames and clouds of thick black smoke.

Footage posted to YouTube appears to show an object flying over the spacecraft as it exploded.

The small, round, silver shape can be seen soaring above the flames.

Steve Svensson, who shared a version of the clip, wrote: “It appears that SpaceX may have been shot by a very fast moving drone, or possibly an explosive in the satellite was triggered?

“We all know people love to hate Elon Musk.”

The internet has since been awash with speculation as to what the mystery object may be.

Some suggested it could be an insect or a bird, while others said they believed the rocket was targeted by a missile, a beam of light - or even a UFO .

One commentator said: "There are birds flittering around all over the place throughout the video. This is nothing unusual."

But Frank L said: "There appears to be an object streaking across the sky from left to right that would have created a sonic boom and caused the explosion!"

And Thomas Adams added: "I'm freaked out a little, birds cant fly at 1000 mph.

"Right when the rocket starts to explode a UFO takes off from the bottom left and climbs to at least 2000 ft in less than one second."

Source: The Mirror

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